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Amanda Stanton wearing Shashi and Stone Cold Fox in Cabo with Robby Hayes #bachelorinparadise #amandastanton Shopping info on www.starstyle.com
Amanda Stanton wearing Quay, La Gotta, and One Teaspoon in Cabo with Robby Hayes #bachelorinparadise #amandastanton Shopping info on www.starstyle.com
Taylor Nolan wearing Forever 21 with Derek Peth on Bachelor in Paradise #bachelorinparadise #taylornolan
Amanda looks great in that dress. || @amanda_stantonn #amandastanton ||
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Kristina Schulman wearing an Ark & Co. romper on Bachelor in Paradise #bachelorinparadise #kristinaschulman Shopping info at www.starstyle.com
"I already have two kids, I don't need another little person following me around." 😂😂 @amanda_stantonn I finally watched #paradise last night, and Alex made me cringe so much; I almost fast-forwarded through his parts because I was super uncomfortable just watching him on TV, so I definitely felt pretty bad for Amanda. 😬 • • #thebachelor #thebachelorette #bachelorinparadise #bip #bip4 #bachelornation #amandastanton #friendzone #followme #followforfollow #likeforlike #likeforfollow #followforlike
PERSONAL OPINIONS ON THESE BEAUTIFUL LADIES: @brittkarolina STUNNING drop dead gorgeous girl tbh I did question her character a bit since she seemed too nice & maybe a bit "fake" but after watching her video on her struggles she really is an inspiration & wish the bachelor producers gave her more airtime to show off her sweet personality. @joelle_fletcher is also a very gorgeous woman. I'm very happy she was the bachelorette to see more of her funny/cute personality. I'm happy she chose Jordan. I think she's a very real genuine person which I love about her but honestly was pretty surprised she was friends with @thejakepavelka1 ok my fav girl is next which is @tenleymolzahn wish jake patella picked you since you were such a SWEETHEART!! Your face +smile brightened up my day tbh!! I miss you on tv but hope you have found happiness darlin. I miss your voice too!! @carlywad CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT you are soo funny one of the funniest most insightful person on the show!! You read ppl really well like @absalt NEXT MY GIRL @jubilee1991 you were one of the realist girl on the show. You are gorgeous & I could relate to you feeling insecure every emotion I got I LOVE YOU & keep your head up❤️ @amanda_stantonn you are a gorgeous girl but a bit oblivious I will admit. The way robby & josh were perceived on tv are the same to me self centered assholes so no amanda sweetheart I don't think you are a good judge of character. I wondered why you went off on tv to leave your kids so often. I bet you are a great mom but it just doesn't show that much over tv or the way I've watched you. You are a gorgeous woman who can do better. I wish you the best in life. @beccatilley YOU ARE SMART & STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!! You are soo sweet on the show & I appreciate your honesty on the show❤️ @andi_dorfman one of the most confident yet bitchy woman. She knows what she wants but I will admit she comes off as bitchy or bossy but otherwise she seems to know what she wants which is a great quality to have. Surprised she went on @nickviall season just to pretty much promote her book in a way (her appearance was for that right?) @sarahvendal ik I don't have u in the vid but I find you AMAZING
Corinne Olympios wearing For Love & Lemons on Bachelor in Paradise #bachelorinparadise #corinneolympios Shopping info on www.starstyle.com
Imagine how happy her kids were when she came back just for her to ditch them again. Last post, enjoy the rest of your day everyone.👋👋
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Someone behind the scenes claimed that something sketchy happened so why did they try to make it about racism? And why did I feel like that ☝️was more victim blaming than consent talk. Classy as always @abcnetwork .
On Bachelor In Paradise, Amanda Stanton wore this Flynn Skye top and skirt. Outfit info at Yourstyle411.com #bip #bachelorinparadise
Bachelor in paradise victimizing itself....
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