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Gonna post old pics of me on here bc idk what to do with them πŸ˜‚
Si las cosas que en tu mente estΓ‘n, aquellas que llevaste o llevaras a cabo no lastiman a nadie, HAZLAS. πŸ’“ #Gay #love #sex #gaylife #picoftheday #naked #soul #pure #makeyourbodyart #body #fashion #Hat #model #hipster #Alternative #AlternativeArt #dark #crazy #Nigga ...
(REPOST) OKAY, first of all, what the actual hell is this post? "Conor pushed 12 y/o little girls!!" 1) where's the proof? who has actual footage? wouldn't one of the many security guards notice this? 2) tons of stuff on the internet is complete crap, but once someone messes up, we believe it all? "Who's gonna do the same to him?!?!?!" 1) so Conor apparently pushed some kids at a concert.. that means we are going to do the same thing to him? we are going to ABUSE someone at Tyler and Josh's concert that they made for us? 2) at least 500 people have shared this post. much more are aware of it. Conor is one person. the clique is thousands. we are LITERALLY PLANNING A GROUP ABUSE on ONE PERSON. 3) how are Tyler and Josh going to feel? seeing the people who listen to them hurt someone who also supports them? 4) #conorisoverparty has over 1,000 posts. how would you feel having thousands of people band against you for making a mistake? if i was Conor, i wouldn't go to the show purely because of fear. the clique is sending/posting abusive threats. OKAY EXTREMELY PERSONAL OPINION TIME! why was this such a big deal? he has two tickets.. cool. he literally just got one other ticket. that's only one other person that could have gone? why have we taken the time to post hundreds of posts about this? it's literally just an extra ticket. ALSO, i've seen about 7 variations of stories from random people, followers, and Conor himself. honestly im not siding with anything at this point. even if one of the more ugly ones are true, Conor made a mistake.. we all do. im done here. *walks out metaphorical door whilst dropping mic*
Catch a brand new SO WHAT'S NEW? show with Drop D from 4pm (AEDT) today - thanks to @ventraip Australia! SPAIN - Fri 7am RUSSIA - Fri 8am UK - Fri 6am On this show we introduce our listeners to all the great new bands coming onto the Undiscovered Rock Radio playlists! Check out a wide variety of Rock genres from 70s Psychedelic to Post Rock to a bit of Punk Rock - there's something for everyone! One of the artists to appear on the show is Alt Neopsychedelic Rockers @electrifiedband from #saintpetersburg #russia #tunein at UndiscoveredRockRadio.com (link in bio) or via the @tunein App at http://tun.in/sftnn Also catch replays tonight from approx 11pm (straight after YOU HEARD THIS ALBUM) and both Saturday & Sunday 4pm (AET). Check out our Weekly Schedule for Local Times! #followus #radio #onlineradio #melbourne #australia #altrock #indierock #alternative #progrock #hardrock #mathrock #stonerrock #mathrock
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