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Prometheus soundtrack on vinyl. I love the Alien movies and Prometheus is my favorite. The space Jockey/Engineer helmet is so cool. Love this artwork. Soundtracks are good for background music while reading. #Prometheus #alien #aliens #vinyl #scifi
Filming in a former shooting gallery @goldwaterbrewingco - heroic @jonnyrocksville on camera 🍻 #deathstar #nostromo #alien #aliens #scottishbonnet
👽🚗👽🚗👽🚗👽🚗👽 The Aliens have come to Canadian suburbs to abduct our dearest Toyota Corollas from us. Stop the Aliens! Shahzad is next to be abducted. Who are they and what do they want? Only Buzzfeed Unsolved or Shane Dawson can help us now. 👽🚗👽🚗👽🚗👽🚗👽 Original Photo from Crescent
You're looking at @teenhearts newest face 👽 I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for this opportunity! For 15% off your next purchase use code KENXIE26 . . . #teenhearts #teenheartsmodel #aliens #aesthetic
Field Fractal
Document No.10 of #g20 protest with #typography and #handlettering in #hamburg . . . . .
Loml 😭😍
Mientras tanto, en la San Diego Comic Con #Repost @necaofficial (@get_repost ) ・・・ #SDCC Day 1 == We have a lot of exciting things to show this year. Let's start off with something we know you'll love. Alien vs Predator (Arcade Appearance) - 7" Scale Action Figures Introducing a new collection inspired by the classic 1994 arcade game that actually predates the movie! The Predators Assortment includes three Predators from the game: the Mad Predator boss, and playable characters Predator Warrior and Predator Hunter. The Aliens Assortment includes three Alien adversaries from the game: Razor Claws, Chrysalis and Arachnoid They make their action figure debut with paint deco that re-creates the look of the arcade game. They utilize the new super-poseable Ultimate body, which features over 30 points of articulation, with bendable tail for the aliens. Predators and Aliens stand approximately 8" and 9" tall respectively. Mad Predator comes with face hugger and chestburster accessories; Predator Hunter and Warrior come with pulse rifles, smartguns, and spears. == #necatoys #neca #alienvspredator #aliens #predator
Some progress on the dumb hat #weylandcorp #weylandyutani #alien #aliens #aliencovenant
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