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It all starts with a dream. But after that the chase is yours. Without the effort there's no reward. 👊🏻 . . . . . #agencylife #prlife #pr #publicists #publicity #marketing #strategy #media #branding #creativasgrouppr #thepublicist
Winning is problematic people like you more when you're working towards something not when you have it
Putting our heads together to strategize the best path to results for our client! #OrangeLabel
Happy Monday! My monitor finally lives up to the label, rofl. #agencylife #techsupportgore
If you missed out on this weekend’s @oc_nightmarket , be sure to check it out later in the summer. We ate too much food and were happily miserable • • • #ocnightmarket #ocfair #food #festival #agencylife #foodie #foodculture
How do YOUR designs stand out in a world of templates, formulas, and cool widgets-of-the-day? I start designing from the mobile perspective and work towards the desktop. I'll be honest, it took me a few years to wrap my head around designing for multiple screens and the constant evolution of tools and technology to achieve acceptable output. I'm always trying to differentiate my sites from the weird homogeny in the overall world of web design.
You may not always have support, not everyone will believe in your dream, but you must keep going! #MondayMotivation
The point of creating content is to create marketing so good that people want to pay you for it (that’s a Jay Baer quote.) And that’s what we are doing all day every day. - Imagine, however, if we would have waited with The Modern Marketer. It would have been a disaster. No awareness, no buzz, no warm audiences, nothing. - By acting quick with our branding, social media and content, we were able to get to the market immediately. - Not everything in business and marketing is about immediate ROI. Sometimes you just have to let your voice be heard. It’s how I built The Modern Marketer and it’s how I am going to build @molocoffeeco with my wife as well as any other business we run. - What's your current content editorial look like? Hopefully not dull and traditional.
While some may say print advertising is dead, we say it can still be a successful advertising tool for small businesses. For local companies, you have the advantage of reaching your community in a uniquely local medium.⠀ ⠀ When looking for an ROI on your advertising budget, these are the tips to remember.⠀ ⠀ #smb #marketing #print #smallbusiness #digital #digitalmedia #agencylife
Rudra, one of our engineers, focusing in on a call. . . . #startuplife #agencylife #webdevelopment #frontenddeveloper #coding
The #SmoresFrappuccino is back at Starbucks for a limited time! Stop by the @starbucks at Rocklin Crossings to try it (drive-thru available). #RocklinShopping (📷: @starbucks )
I'm on my second cup of coffee. How about you?
Monday vibes. Upgrade your desk & create greatness! 🙌 #woodcessories #appleonly #minimalmood New week, new challenges! 🙌Our ergonomic desk collection in real walnut wood supports you in your daily duties. 🌲 With a minimalistic design and smart functions it’s the perfect addition for your workspace. 👌 The handmade business set includes: Our wooden EcoLift for your iMac and MacBook and our ergonomically designed EcoTray for your Keyboard. Discover our desk collection in bamboo or walnut at www.woodcessories.com/shop 📲
I dressed up for you today. #entrepreneur #agencylife
We got a fever! And the only prescription is more #cowbell 🐄🎼 #nationalbuyaninstrumentday #agencylife #anvillive #mondays
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