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news ✗  La produzione della quarta stagione di Younger è iniziata! Ecco cosa ha condiviso Debi Mazar (aka Maggie) su Instagram ieri: “Così emozionata per tuffarsi! Avvio di produzione della quarta stagione di YOUNGER! @tvland @youngertv @viacom ”. ※ ※ ※ FINALMENTE! 😍 {#suttonfoster #younger #liza #youngertv #debimazar @suttonlenore @debimazar @youngertv }
#Younger harika bir sezon finali yaptı. Baya bir heyecanlı bitti. İnşallah #Kelsey ve #Liza arkadaşlığı bozulmaz. 🙌🌹 @hilaryduff #youngertv #tvseries #dizi #hilaryduff #queen #actress #fashion #instafashion #sweet #goodgirl #lovely #cool #cute #beauty #tumblrgirl #pretty #tvland #seasonfinale
HERE WE GO! Production of @youngertv season 4 kicks off! 😍 The first episode is titled "Post Truth" ❤ Photo by: @debimazar #YoungerTV #younger #PeterHermann #SuttonFoster #nicotortorella #miriamshor #mollybernard #debimazar #HilaryDuff #teamjosh #TeamCharles
When you're anonymously famous and don't even know about it. Apparently I'm featured in the TV series @youngertv. Really god damn weird. Thanks @charlroa for pointing it out. #almostfamous #youngertv #fuckinbitchesswipedleft
A decade ago, on March 21 2007, @hilaryduff released her fourth album "Dignity" which became a game changer for her as a singer. Previously known as the Disney darling in her pop rock and bubblegum pop albums, Hilary successfully transformed into a mature dance floor young diva. Dignity has sold more than 1 Million copies worldwide, with helps from three singles and a tour. Hilary wrote all of songs lyrics, except for Outside of You, on this album. This is why Dignity is her most personal album. Being her first dance record, Dignity was a modest successful dance album to debut at no. 3 in US Billboard 200 and two of the three singles topped the US Dance Chart. Play With Fire was chosen as the first single, released in August 2006, and peaked at no. 31 on US Dance Club Songs. With Love, which was also used as a commercial for her perfume line, served as the 2nd single. The song peaked at no. 24 on US Billboard Hot 100 and no. 1 on US Dance Club Songs. Stranger was the 3rd single, peaked at no. 97 on US Billboard Hot 100 and no. 1 on US Billboard Dance Club Songs. Gypsy Woman was planned to be released as the fourth single, and Reach Out and Holiday was also planned to be released as the first and second single from Dignity repackage version, but the plans were scrapped. To date, Dignity is still my all time favorite album from Hilary Duff, because I can feel her emotions in this album. Also, Dignity is her album with best lyrics and sickest beats. I can't believe it has been ten years. I could still picture myself listening to Dignity for the first time in Yogyakarta.
Ain't nothing wrong with that logic • • • I JUST MADE A SCENE EDIT HOW ABOUT THAT also sorry about the top screencap it's kinda blurry also this doesn't mean I'm back I just rly missed making scene edits ily guys thx #younger #youngertv #suttonfoster #nicotortorella #teamjosh
Sutton Foster fotografata da Danielle Kosann per The New Potato al Market Table a New York (2015) ※ ※ ※ un fiore 🌸 {#sweetcharity #youngertv #younger #liza #suttonfoster @suttonlenore @thenewpotato }
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