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WHAT A PLACE. #upwithpeople #bucketlist
Many of you know but today is the day to post about it I guess. As many of my friends are preparing for their freshman year in college, or getting ready for anther year of high school or college, I have chosen to take a gap year instead. While I highly see an importance in a college education, now is not the time for mine. I also hold hands-on experience to a higher importance so I have chosen to use my gap year for a number of things. For one semester, I will travel with Up With People, an international program that will allow me to perform all around the world while engrossing myself in the culture and making a difference in the world by helping the communities I travel to. After that I plan to return to Sioux Falls and get a job to save some money and continue to look for ways to build my resume. I first saw UWP my freshman year of high school and attended Camp UP With People the summer after. I am so excited to travel and meet new people and make a difference in world!! #GapYear #GapDecisionDay #UpWithPeople
So proud of my old young self for the choice I made. I had the time of my life. I grew up. I took deep breaths. I made friends for life. I came back with a sense of purpose and determination and joy. #GapDecisionDay #globalcitizenship #travelwithpurpose #upwithpeople #myjourney
Join us TONIGHT at Bungalow56 for Ayana & Friends Griot Session Fundraiser, with the multi-talented Ayana Angela Ming-Bean and special guests Joy T. Barnum, Gavin "Djata" Smith, Justin Brangman, and Jennie Lightbourne! Doors open at 7pm $20 entry helps support Ayana's journey with Up with People! Sponsored by Department of Community and Cultural Affairs as part of Heritage Month! @bermudaculture #HeritageMonth #BermudaCulture #AyanaBean #ChewFam #Bungalow56 #HamiltonBermuda #SupportChewstick #Bermuda #BermudaArtists #BermudaMusicians #BermudaDance #WeAreBermuda #BermyNet #UpWithPeople
Best decision I ever made! Traveling in @upwithpeople the year between college graduation and entering the workforce. It provided me the opportunity get out of my comfort zone, develop the most incredible friendships and expand my view of the world. I traveled in 1993 and students continue to travel the world today! Travel with a cast of 100 other students, meet incredible host families and learn about people different from yourself. This experience is invaluable. UWP began 52 years ago and there are now 23,000 alumni worldwide from 131 countries. If you or someone you know is between the ages of 17-29 and you're interested in Up with People ask me about it! www.upwithpeople.org #upwithpeople #gapyear #seetheworld #travelwithapurpose #stepoutofyourcomfortzone
It's #gapdecisionday !!! In 2010 I decided to take a year off from school and travel with Up with People!! I had the opportunity to travel to 8 different countries with people from all over the world, lived with host families, performed and do community service. It was an experience I'll never forget! Try it out for yourself!!! * * * #upwithpeople #travel #perform #impact #communityservice #gapyear #international #education #dance #singer #denver #colorado #school #change
Is someone you know looking for an amazing Gap Year experience? Today is the first annual Gap Year Decision Day, and many high school seniors will be taking to social media to announce their plans. I did a Gap Year in 1998 after high school - before it had a name. It was the best experience of my life. I traveled wth @upwithpeople - In one year I saw 14 countries, we did 112 shows in almost 100 cities and thousands of hours of community service. Nothing could have better prepared me for college and the world in which we currently live. I would encourage anyone thinking about an adventure after high school - or even after college to check this program out. #UpwithPeople #GapYear #globalcitizen #uwpiaa #passport #adventure
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