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It was a great day at Nagpur #throwback #nagpur #diaries 😍😘
Backstage posing practice at the Arnold Classic last year 👙✨.. Watching everyone fly out to Barcelona is bringing back some good memories! This was such a huge achievement for me taking 6th place amongst some of the best physiques in Europe 😳 I honestly had no expectations going into this show, but I worked my ass off to be the absolute best that I could be! 💪🏽 and that included posing! 💃🏼 Ladies.. Don't rely on your physique alone to get you the placing that you want at your shows 🙅🏽 you slack on your posing practice then you may aswell kiss goodbye to a top spot 🤦🏽‍♀️ You need to know how to present yourself with elegance, and learn the poses/transitions that best show of YOUR physique. Bikini is about the whole package, don't forget that! - Good luck to the whole of @ukbff_official this weekend! 💖 the hard work is done now, time to soak up the experience, take it all in and enjoy it! 🙌🏽
😃 #throwback
Look forward with hope and smile 😌🌈😊 . #hope #dream #look #forward #smile #happy #current #mood #relaxing #chilling #life #lebanese #photo #throwback
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