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Another batch of kids learned how to read thanks to The Storytelling Project! You can help these kids, too, with a purchase at alisters.com.ph. We give a portion of our sales to our partner charities, so you shopping is equal to you helping. Visit our site now! #SlowDownSunday #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“· TSP on FB
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It's a Saturday and it's a good time to take a breather and listen all day to the music that makes your heart pump hard. Our music reco: Taken by Cars' newest album, Plague! When you're done playing all the songs, share with us your favorite track! 🎢🎢🎢 #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“·@takenbycarsofficial
Musicians unite! Here's Barbie Almalbis and Sarah Marco of Taken by Cars loving their Archieology eau de cologne! What's your scent of choice? Shop these babies now at alisters.com.ph. #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“· Archieology on FB
#FunDayFriday : Shaina Magdayao enjoys the beauty of sunset. How about you, where are you headed to this weekend? πŸ™Œ #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“· @shaina_magdayao
#TrendyThursday : Have a luxurious bath time by adding the "extras" to your routine every once in a while. A good scrub to slough off dead skin cells and reveal soft and smooth skin is an essential part of overall wellness. Use Lunas Living Oils' Body Polish not only scrubs the dirt away, but also gives moisture for supple skin! Get this at alisters.com.ph. #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“· @lunas_livingoils
Andy Smith isn't all on his businesses -- in fact, he always makes time for family. And it's one of the things we love about him (but we also love Joaquin Menswear and G3 Athletic Apparel which you can shop at alisters.com.ph πŸ˜€)! #TrendyThursday #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“· @thisisandysmith
More cool tees at alisters.com.ph! πŸ‘• Be above ordinary with edgy styles for men by Joaquin Menswear stand out in your standard uniform! #WishlistWednesday #LiveLikeTheAList
#WishlistWednesday : A bit more time with mom. When you do get the time, pass her the gift of happiness -- bond, talk, and make lambing, just like Elmo does to her mom! #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“· @elmomagalona
#TopPickTuesday : Got nothing to wear for Wednesday cool? We've got the perfect tee -- Francis M Clothing Co makes you wear your Pinoy pride! Shop these shirts at alisters.com.ph and choose from several designs that speak of your patriotism and style. πŸ‘• #LiveLikeTheAList
Hey~~ Here's a photo of Daniel Matsunaga to brighten up your otherwise gloomy day. Keep warm! 😊 P.S. Heartwarming dishes available at Daniel's restaurant, Sobremesa. Get the special coupon at alisters.com.ph and enjoy! #TopPickTuesday #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“· @dandanmatsunaga
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Missing MIBF next week? We know, it's kinda sad (books are life!). Good thing we at Alisters PH have books from your favorite celebrities! The best part? It's available anytime! One of our faves is Reese Lansangan's In Case You Come Back. Get your copy at alisters.com.ph! #ShopSaturday #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“· @summit.books
#ShopSaturday : Achieve your whitest yet with this Ara's Secret whitening set! Start your skincare early -- your future self will thank you for it. Get these treats at alisters.com.ph! #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“· @arassecret
Throughout the years, Ara Mina has known what beauty is about. While it's important that we maintain a happy disposition all the time, taking some time for taking care of physical beauty is also a must! That's why Ara's Secret is here -- to help you achieve your most beautiful. Shop her items at alisters.com.ph, and browse through her skincare products (and cool, pretty shoes, too!) now! #FunDayFriday #LiveLikeTheAList πŸ“·@arassecret
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