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Another beautiful package from @emmaetchloe Loving those earring so much!
So cute
The difference lashes can make
Brown shade honestly goes with everything
. 오늘부터 소래포구 축제라서 냉큼 와찌요 우럭에 대하에 전어에 매운탕에 우리 완전 포식 마시쪄 #소래포구 #인천 #대하축제 #전어
A Friday with friends #FWF is a Friday with lot of benefits in it.. Here is a clique of 6 buddies that are in every way similarly alike, they call them bloodsters from different mothers.. Meet Tamara @i_am_tamaraa TJ @tohseenjay Tolu @tolulayo Fadekemi @ts_simi Wunmi @wunmicamp Naomi @hardiah_patrick Students of faculty of Science department of microbiology(300 level) , some of the things that has gotten them this far is that all share the same Goals, idea and plans, a normal thing girls does they do but more mere beyond that, they love gisting and hanging out This clique of friends has lasted for 2years now and will last till God knows, Tolu and Fadekemi met in year1 first semester . Naomi and TJ were also friends. Then mth the amazing female hostel brought Tolu and TJ together in year 1. Thereby making Wunmi and Tamara join the clique in second semester year1. Friendship is beyond girl friend and boyfriend things but sexes of the same gender can also make history in d line of friendship. This clique will make history I know it. #FWF #unilagtodo You wanna get featured next Friday with your clique of friend? Simply post a pic of the clique with an # tag #FWF and tag me @unilag_todo
아 머리산발 머릿속도 산발 피부도 산발 다 산발!!!!!! 반쪼가리 서혀니😭
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