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Acesse: www.delanoqueiroz.com | Contato: 85 99917-6104 | Entre em contato e agende o seu atendimento em domicílio. Camila Machado com beleza assinada por mim.
One of my favorite people to 📷😍 @everyavenuelife
📷 💥 @sanezphoto with the great @mattematea
For Farmagan 🇮🇹линия performance 🍓🍓🍓самый вкусный мусс сильной фиксации. Защита-Смягчение-Блеск волос! теперь можно заказать в интернет магазине 👉🏻www.итальянская-косметика.рф активная ссылка в профиле #amazing #angel #fashion #fashionkids #fashionmodel #fashionkidsworld #kids #kidsstyle #kidsfashion #italy #итальянскаякосметикадляволос #стилист #fashionphotographer #fashionstyle
"Just follow the light… It'll take you exactly where you need to be now…." 👻 From our editorial from Volition Magazine: Knock, Knock, inspired by AHS on FX (@ahsfx ). 👻 "Over the course of time, numerous reports have been made by residents of a ghostly figure haunting the halls of their peaceful complex. The young woman appears almost lost, confused of her state between life and death. It's unknown as to what her search is for; she just wanders the hallways almost as if looking for answers. Although multiple sightings of her activity occur frequently, she never harms anyone. She is known to knock on the doors of residents, awaiting a response to eerily direct any welcoming spectator down her favorite passageway, the elevator. Speculations have been made over the years as to why this is her dwelling place. However, strange accounts have been made of a 'darker' figure that follows behind the spirit, seemingly appearing to enslave the young ghost from a realm of evil. As the elevator lets out on the basement floor, the feeling of pain & sorrow immediately fill the room; an inescapable feeling that has left many wintesses feeling 'lifeless' after their visit. There's no explanation as to what she wants, or why she chooses you. The only is advice is to never answer the call. Avoid the knock…" — P. Keo • PHOTOGRAPHER + CO-CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jaime Chan (@jaimechanphoto ) • MODEL: Skylar Bair 💐😘 (@skylar_bair ) • MODELING AGENCIES: - Vision Los Angeles (@visionlosangeles ) - Next Models Miami (@nextmodelsmia@nextmodels ) - West Model Mgmt STL (@westmodelmgmt ) • MAKEUP ARTIST + HAIRSTYLIST: Erin "GURL" Wong 💐😂(@emartistry ) • WARDROBE STYLIST + CO-CREATIVE DIRECTOR + CONCEPT BY: Phil Keophaphone (@fresh_philly ) - DRESS from Rachel Ann Gottlieb - JEWELRY from Sydney Pener (@sydmetalz ) • SPECIAL THANKS: - Niki "Mom" Hollerich 🙏😊💐 - Christine Lunday @ Volition - La Maison De Fashion (@lamaisondefashions ) • LOCATION: Hollywood, CA • PUBLICATION: Volition Magazine (@volition.mag ) #jaimechanphoto #jaimechanphotography #laphotographer #lafashionphotographer #fashionphotographer #fashionphotography
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