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It's funny that someone may give you a million chances and when you're finally going to change you never get that Last Chance... "That Last Chance" Gratitude🙏🙏 The most beautiful way to express all that's in your heart with just two words... "Thank You"..😊💐 mylord#myjourney #mydestination #Myprayers #mypassion #mysoul #mysky You fulfilled my shortages and scarcity .. #immortalgratitude #foreverappreciated #deeplytouched #trulygrateful #innocentthankful #highlyindebted #mostobliged #always #loved #beyond #words #missed #beyond #measure 💔
"Your love puts me at the top of the world" 🤗🤗 @kuroneko509 This was probably the first K song we've ever sang together when we were carefree without commitments & responsibilities. We are different in many ways yet at this point we are similar such that even with each other, we value rest & time alone, be it maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reading or resting ☺️ Thank you for taking care of me during this trip. I felt like we were back to our younger days where I didn't have to take care of anyone but have you look out for me. Kinda miss that kinda feeling & even till now, you love me so much that you let me tag along & recover at my own pace. I love you so so much jie & at the same time I feel so blessed by many others who took time to make this trip happen (whether mum or those who took care of our kids) 😊 #deeplytouched #loved #blessed #thankful #seasonofrest
覺得感動又好笑 已哭😂 至少朋友們真的都很關心我 謝謝啦🙏 #deeplytouched
When you cherish love, kind thoughts and appreciation ❤️ Thank you to all for your kind messages #deeplytouched #loveforall #feelingblessedandloved
(SELF MADE) - This amazing piece of poetry made me cry 😂 so it touched me very deep. And really it speaks for itself. I do feel like a broken piece of pottery that has been put back together by my own hands, piece my piece, with many of the cracks and kinks still appearing and still very much there. And the journey that I have been through to put myself back together again has been beautiful, in the true sense of that word. So - a big shout out and ❤️ love to all of you out there who have put yourself back together, and are learning to love your cracks, scars and the journey 💞 (photo by https://www.facebook.com/Jmstormquotes/photos/a.1586930328210390.1073741827.1586920178211405/1766366036933484/?type=3&theater)
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