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One of my favorite shots yesterday from #slcc17 with @watchtowerleather
I loved this cosplay by @makkarei at #ndk2017
Link cosplay by @yuki_maski
A shot of @tehblitziest in part of the Death Note shoot from #ndk2017
Part of a Death Note group I shot at #ndk2017
Wednesday cosplay by @tehrayray taken at #ndk2017
Goblin King cosplay by Matt Rowels taken at #nandesukan #ndk2017
I really liked this cosplay by Pollux Morrow (he doesn't have IG). From #nandesukan
Rogue cosplay by @yokaze_cosplay from #nandesukan
Persona5 cosplay by @xfeliciadarkx and @kaeatri taken at #ndk2017
Italian Renaissance cosplay by @atelierlicorice taken at NDK. This was such a fun shoot!
A shot of the amazing @winged_light this past weekend at @ndkdenver.
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