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Move man don't touch my shit boy😭
Video being shot for "No Smoke"
Young Boy previewing some new music. Sounding 🔥 or 💩?
Happy birthday uncle Jesse☺️ Thank you for pushing me in Christ, MOST IMPORTANTLY. Your story will shake our generation and heal nations. I can't wait for God to reveal your ministry to the world! You're such a leader. I appreciate all the ways you've been a guiding light. God, please don't stop raining your favor on this young man🙏🏽 #22savage #spiritualsavage of course 😏
#Boonk getting harassed by the police for a situation which he was "nowhere near the area" #boonkgang #freeboonk
HBD to my ride or die 🎈#22savage
Nba Young Boy shooting a music video with $110k in cash💸😱 (via @nbayoungboyupdates )
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