📍Oahu, Hawaii


missin it already
In awe of this beautiful lei 'ilima which was made from the extra large flowers of a particular type of 'ilima from Mt. Hau'upu, Kaua'i.....lei and p.c @fif_4 !! #ilima #lei #leiilima #Sida_meyenii #nativehawaiianplants #HuiKūMaoliOla
~You know you have the flu, when your bones hurt. I pushed through and went to my 8:30 a.m. Class... Not sure how the rest of the day is going to go. One more week and a day and finals are done. Being this sick, this often can't be normal. 😷 And Precious can't just get a "cold" she gets hit with the big guns! 😫😩😭 As my girl @ecilafire said the other day, "At least your lips are on fleek." 😂😂 THIS IS TRUE! 🙌🏽💋🙌🏽💕🙌🏽
Views from an afternoon of Uphill Complaining (also known as hiking)
Golfing 101: Harness good energy, release bad ⛳️Aloha
I was trying to make Logan laugh while he was behind the 📷 to take this picture. I've been SUPER self conscious about posting this because I feel like such a dork 🙈 but this picture goes perfectly about my new post on my blog! Link in my bio ✨
Honu beach naps
Morning coffee and a book on the porch-- my favorite way to start the day. Mug choice is key. 👌🏼 . . . #morningcoffee #neverstopexploring #adventurehawaii #adventuretime #wheretonext #targetmug #target
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