Omg this train is never ending... waiting 30 minutes- gonna be late today! Oh well, it's Friday🎉🎉🌴💀
A few years ago, during a conversation about SeaWorld, a friend of mine said, "We shouldn't abuse animals for human entertainment." Up until that point, I had never thought about it! I'm so grateful that she gave me this awareness, so that I can match my beliefs and my actions. If I think it's wrong to torture animals for food, why would I support animal abuse for entertainment? #Ahimsa = nonharming People ask me if I'm vegan when I'm on vacation, which I find amusing. I don't want to take vacations from my integrity. My morals are the same, regardless of where I am and who I'm with. Traveling is an opportunity to learn and to spread love, peace, and awareness. Zoos, elephant rides, aquariums, etc. are horrible places for animals. Please don't ride the elephants. They are highly intelligent and they deserve so much better. Animals are not our slaves. Photo credit: @nikkiibear
When the clouds remind you of your dog, you may be too attached 😳😂 #instapuppy #adoptdontshop #clouds
When we're not in the direct path of a #hurricane and bracing for he worst, it brings us #waves #takingabreak from #supsurf #snapapicture for #mybrother because #FL is looking like #CALI
So excited for a new class on the schedule!: Fridays @ 11am CORE FLOW & GO with Jules Lindsay @kissestobuddha
Vamos que vamos!!!! À espera do começo das vendas!
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