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#famousdex loves the kids! ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🔥🔥🔥 • #LITTNESS video by. @foreignapparel_
Turns out we need to clear some space at the store so we're gonna be marking down quite a few pieces, we're gonna be giving you some really good deals in pieces that haven't even been here that long! Like this great chrome & glass desk/dining table that's only been here for a few weeks. Yes, the glass is in perfect shape and shape and yes, the chrome is in perfect shape and yes, it's only $145! BAM!!.
First off, all praises to the most high 🙏🏾. I balled my eyes out this morning in shock that little ole me made it to the Red Carpet of The #betawards . This was one of my biggest goals this years and to accomplish it felt so amazing. HUGE thank you to @malikkamichelle for connecting me to #thejasminebrand and always remaining genuine with me. God blessed me when he sent me her as friend & partner in this crazy media world. I love you 💓 Thank you to @thejasminebrand_ for giving me such an awesome opportunity. This day was surreal and one I will never forget. #blessed 💓🙏🏾✨
Been a while since I've seen these hills. LA FRIENDS: Surprise! I'm in LA all this week for work/a wedding, but tomorrow is my one free day and it is MY BIRTHDAY! If anyone is interested in catching up and has a free night, I'll be at my favorite birthday spot Tonga Hut at 8:00 pm with a fruity drink in my hand. Come join me and celebrate!
Practicing my #humojis with my new glasses I keep forgetting to wear because I am not use to them!!! #mmhmfarid #nourishmentnotjustfood #travelcook #4eyes #studiotime
I'm not in like...I'm in love with this town . . . . . #sunset #hollywood #summer
Paris bound
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