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Weekend ini kita kemana? . Kinder Playhouse & Library, Gading Serpong! . Nemu playhouse baru keren banget niii! Even better, it comes with a pretty neat kids library! ❤️ . Located in Gading Serpong, Kinder Playhouse ini ada di dalam Biz Plaza lantai 3. Selain library, mereka juga punya Pre-school Kinderhaven for children 1.5 - 6 y.o . There are several areas inside, the Funky farm for crawling babies, Ocean in Motion with its Ball Pool Boat and Wildlife Wonder with its biggest slide. They also have a room called Space Adventure where children can learn about star constellation 😍 . Yang paling bikin kita betah pastilah librarynyaaa ❤️ koleksinya nggak terlalu banyak (they claimed to have 1000+ books tho) tapi keren-keren, both in English and Bahasa. Its decorated with bright blue colors and hot air balloon. Ada area buat main lego, rumah2an dan kalo pas ada event, ada art cornernya juga disitu. . Entrance fee Rp125k on weekend incl. 1 adult, additional adult cost Rp25k for max. 2 hours of playing time. The cost and trip to Serpong totally worth the fun and will definitely pay another visit! 😍
Kinderhaven Playhouse and Library (swipe for details). Our new favorite indoor playground! Sebetulnya Kinder ini merupakan bagian dari Kinder Montessori Preschool, untuk muridnya tentu saja gratis . Playhouse dan library nya baru dibuka untuk publik sekitar bulan Juli lalu. Konsep tempat mainnya senada dengan filososi montessori yang terbagi menjadi daratan, air dan udara . Selain bersih, fasilitas yang terawat, ada penjaga juga yang mengawasi plus ada maksimal pengunjung, ini penting banget buat ga terlalu crowded dan anak-anak tetap nyaman bermain. Wah seneng banget deh dibanding indoor playground berbayar di mall . Yang bagusnya lagi area bermainnya di setting sedemikian rupa sesuai umur anak, jadi untuk baby pun bisa tetap main yang sesuai tahapan usianya . Untuk koleksi bukunya, banyak sekali! Untuk member bahkan boleh pinjam free lho tinggal bayar deposit . Untuk tahu lebih jauh mengenai fee, lokasi, dan detail bisa langsung cek di @kinderplaynread #playgroundjakarta #kinderplaynread #ARSlike #Tempatmainanak #tempatramahanak #kinderhaven #sharinghappiness #recommendedplayground
Nothing engages the interest of kids like hands-on activities! Every child dreams of becoming a firefighter when they grow up and thus, it was such a thrill for the children to participate in a simulated fire experience and be atop the fire engine! 🚒🚒🚒 . Teaching children fire safety skills 🔥 and the importance of firefighters as community helpers who could help them to safety by putting out fires and teaching fire prevention through an actual demonstration was not only fascinating for children but also a learning experience like no other ☺️ . #kinderhaven #kinderhavenindonesia
-CORE CHARACTER VALUE OBEDIENCE “I WILL” STATEMENTS- . “I will have a happy heart while doing what I am told to do” is one of the “I WILL” statements that is presented to the children to highlight the character value, Obedience, during our Core Character Value Circle Time. . These “I Will” statements can help students become more responsible and more reflective of their own actions if these are used consistently and accurately. These promises can also be used as the guiding principles for good behavior and for setting the intention of each day. . #kinderhaven #kinderhavenindonesia
- TOOLS OF THE TRADE - . By providing matching activities for children that encourage them to match objects, pictures, sounds and words such as the Tools of the Trade in our preschool theme, Occupations and Transportation, will improve language, enhance memory, develop concentration and a range of thinking skills to help build the foundations for future concepts. Being able to match items and explain why they go together is also important for cognitive skills development. . #kinderhaven #kinderhavenindonesia
Friday is Batik day 😘
Books and doors are the same thing. You open them, and you go through another world” – Jeanette Winterson . Words to live by! Double tap if you agree, Moms & Dads! . In frame: our Preschool students at Up, Up, and Away Library @kinderplaynread 🍄 . #kinderhaven #kinderhavenindonesia #kinderplaynread kinderhavenplayhouseandlibrary #kinderhavenlibrary #kinderhavenplayhouse
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