21 Houston Fitness Food Travel Ruffle Snap 👻 erikkameellesy

That piece of lash and piece of hair on my face 😑 been posting pictures lately. I'm so annoying 😅
Tryna look cute but failed 😂
Hair so fried 🙆🏽 #nofilter
I'm so happy to be stacked with you 🤗
Ruffle is the worst selfie stick 😒 #blurryaf
The devil in an angel's disguise? #iwasprettylit #didntfalltho #justflewoff
Manigong bagong taon 2017 🎆🎊
Hohoho Merry Christmas from Ruffle and I 🎄🎁🎅🏽
Finally done with finals 🙌🏽 Philippine island in 2 weeks. 😭 Can't wait to go to the beach again 🌊💦
Finally went up cos my spotter went to the gym with me 😏 155 lbs
No edit needed. These girls are 😍 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAZY JENNY! 💝
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