Eric Ray Davidson

Photographer of people and dogs at Art Department

From Davidson to Davidson to Davidson - my first camera is her first camera 📸👌🏼👶🏼 #GirlPower
Yo Happy Birthday @arianagrande ⚡️🎂 this was such a great day 📸👌🏼 @cosmopolitan x #ERD
New whip who dis #blessup 🙏 ❤️ ya @michelleramosmakeup 🎂
Winter is coming
Woooooo like #RickFlair y'all #BBB @lavar for @gq x #ERD 🏀🔥
The G Wagon is my fave #blessup 🙏
Ballet Day One
All fixed 👌🏼🤙🏼 @themensgroomer
My best work #WGD
This is almost certainly my favorite photo I've ever taken. On August 26 @thenotoriousmma aka #conormcgregor will forgo use of his mixed martial art skills and straight up BOX probably one of if not the greatest boxers of all time @floydmayweather . This takes massive heart but ever bigger balls. Go get some @ufc @danawhite 🇮🇪👊🏻
Here's another one of my favorites from @kevinhart4real x #ERD w @ashleynorthstyle 🔥
The Next Level ⚡️ @kevinhart4real x #ERD Sunday June 18 on @comedycentral #comedyrockstarshit
More hangry Friday afternoon @christabrittany x #ERD
Give them Icy @christabrittany x #ERD
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