Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

@GraceHelbig & @Harto are superheroes on a mission for truth, justice & the perfect slushy. Digital series in @fullscreen , movie available now

Don't let these mannequins put your Halloween costume to shame...Watch #EWDG on @iTunes @Google Play or @Fullscreen and get on it!! 👻👻👻
Totally Crushing It! 👊🏻⚡️💥 @streamys #streamys #3nominations @gracehelbig @harto
#EWDG has been nominated for 3 Streamy Awards! Congrats @gracehelbig & @harto on your best actress nominations! Watch EWDG at www.electrawomandynagirl.com #Streamys #StreamyAwards #GraceHelbig #HannahHart
Congratulations to the winners of the #WINEWDG coloring contest! If you won, please DM us on Twitter, @ElectraDyna ! If you didn't win, don't worry! We will have plenty of giveaways in the future! ☺️💯
✨ DO YOU LIKE FREE THINGS? ⚡️👊🏻 To celebrate the official DVD release of #EWDG , we're giving away free t-shirts! For all the info, click the link in our bio!! 😎
Have you seen #EWDG yet? What's one of your favorite quotes from the film? 😜
Spandex + snacks + sweats = the perfect weekend. Because stay-at-home superheroes are just as super. #ewdg #tgif #harto #hartbig #hannahhart #gracehelbig #teaminternet
There's no greater super power than love. #LoveIsLove
Hey guys!! We are watching #EWDG right now! Buy it on Google Play and watch along with us!
TODAY IS THE DAY! Slushie✔️ Squad✔️ Spandex✔️. See #EWDG ⚡️out now: ElectraWomanDynaGirl.com @gracehelbig @harto
Your cities just got a whole lot safer. Maybe. Kind of. The full-length #EWDG movie starring @gracehelbig and @harto releases WORLDWIDE tomorrow on all digital platforms: @itunes @google @amazonvideo
Costume: ✔️ Weapon: ✔️ Superhero mean mug: ✔️✔️✔️
IT’S HERE. Download @fullscreen and watch the series premiere episodes of #EWDG NOW!!
Join forces with your two favorite so-so superheroes. Watch #EWDG episodes in @fullscreen April 26!
TMW when you have a brilliant idea. #EWDG Series episodes premiere 4/26 in #fullscreen !
A lesson in how NOT to get super powers. #EWDG Series episodes premiere 4/26 in #fullscreen !
You don’t need superpowers to be super awesome. #EWDG Series episodes premiere 4/26 in #fullscreen !
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