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The Trump administration cut a deal with the corporation that would build the destructive Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed, and we need your help to fight back. Click the link in our bio to take action. The Bristol Bay watershed is worth fighting for. It is a sustainable economic powerhouse for local communities and the source of the lifeblood for Alaska Native cultures there. It produces an enormous portion of the world’s sockeye salmon catch and possibly the world’s largest Chinook salmon runs. Photo by: @fisheyeguyphotography // #alaska #bristolbay #pebblemine #nature #salmon
The Trump administration just announced it is repealing our country's largest effort to stop climate change, the #CleanPowerPlan . "If Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump want to pretend that #climatechange is a hoax, and do nothing about it, we will see them in court, and that's where facts matter." - Abbie Dillen, Earthjustice Vice President of Litigation, Climate and Energy
Show your support for our nation's natural wonders. Text OURLANDS to 52886 for breaking updates. 6 of 6
Our most iconic public lands are being attacked by the Trump administration. Text OURLANDS to 52886 for breaking updates. 5 of 6
Thank you to all who stood up for our public lands! 4 of 6
“This battle is over some of the most valuable public lands in America—and, it is over the rule of law. Everybody has to comply with the law, even the president of the United States.” - Drew Caputo Earthjustice VP of Litigation for Lands, Wildlife & Oceans. 3 of 6
More than 2.7 million Americans wrote to Zinke about why our public lands must be fully protected just as they are. That’s the largest volume of public comments ever received by the Department of Interior. 2 of 6
The Trump administration is trying to shrink some of our most iconic public lands. Text OURLANDS to 52886 for breaking updates. 1 of 6
Major victory! A decades-long fight over a landmark rule protecting wild #forests nationwide took another successful–and possibly final–turn last week after a U.S. district court threw out a last-ditch attack by the state of #Alaska against the Roadless Rule. The Roadless Rule prohibits most logging and road construction in roadless areas of national forests. These lands, today equaling about 50 million acres or about the size of Nebraska, are some of the wildest places left in America. Read more about this victory by clicking the link in our bio. #nature #beautiful #outdoors #victory #winning #trees #forest #OptOutside
In addition to rebuilding, communities near oil refineries and chemical plants are also dealing with toxic leaks in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.⠀ ⠀ Trump has decided to delay the EPA's Chemical Disaster Rule, which strengthens emergency preparedness and prevents future chemical disasters.⠀ ⠀ In response, we have filed a lawsuit challenging this delay on behalf of multiple community organizations. ⠀ ⠀ Our nation has just faced two of the worst hurricanes in history; now, not later, is the time to prevent toxic threats and to ensure that hazardous waste is removed. More info on our blog >> link in bio. #cleancommunities #hurricaneharvey #hurricaneirma
Wild #salmon are dying by the thousands due to four outdated dams on the lower Snake River. Join the fight for the greatest river restoration in history >> link in bio. #freethesnake #savethesalmon #removethedams #lowersnakeriver
VICTORY! The Hawai‘i Supreme Court halted the aquarium industry’s unlimited collection and sale of reef fish and other wildlife.⠀ ⠀ “We are thrilled with the decision. All five justices agree the practice of blindly doling out aquarium collection permits without studying environmental impacts is illegal,” said Earthjustice attorney Summer Kupau-Odo. ⠀ For more info, click link in bio. ⠀ #KeepOceansFishy #convicttangfish #corals #coralreef #biodiversity #justkeepswimming
Big thank you to @jessetyler , @padmalakshmi , @janelynchofficial , @therealdebramessing , @kevinmchale , @hilaryswank , @lancebass , @alancummingsnaps and @danbucatinsky for taking a stand to defend the Endangered Species Act. If you would like to join them, text WILD to 52886 to take action now by calling your Senator. #StopExtinction
We'll see them in court! Delisting grizzlies defies the best available science and sidesteps important legal safeguards.⠀ ⠀ “With grizzly deaths spiking and the population in apparent decline, the Yellowstone population needs continued protection, not a new threat of state-sponsored trophy hunting,” said Earthjustice attorney Timothy Preso. ⠀ ⠀ Learn more about the iconic grizzly bears- link in bio. #grizzlies #endangered #yellowstonegrizzly photo by @thomasdmangelsen
There is only ONE day left to take action! The current Mexican gray wolf recovery plan is extremely flawed and will hinder recovery, if not lead to extinction. There are only about 100 Mexican gray wolves in the wild. Help us save the Mexican gray wolves by making your voice heard: link in bio. ⠀ #mexicangraywolf #endangered
More than 2.7 million Americans wrote to the Secretary of Interior to tell him hands off our national monuments. Zinke is recommending that Trump slash the size of at least three national monuments: Grand Staircase-Escalante, Bears Ears and Cascade-Siskiyou. The law is clear: only Congress has the authority to change a national monument designation under the Antiquities Act—not the president. If the administration shrinks our monuments, he will hear from us next in court! Click link in bio for more info. #nationalmonuments #monumentsforall #antiquitiesact #bearsearsnationalmonument #grandstaircaseescalantenationalmonument #cascadesiskiyounationalmonument #seeyouincourt
Congratulations to @joncameronphoto the winner of our summer 2017 photo contest!!! Thank you for this incredible photo and for following Earthjustice. This photo by @joncameronphoto will also be featured in our EJQ magazine. Thanks Jon! Do you have a #wild photo you would like to show off? Use the hashtag #Earthjustice to be featured. #exploremore #optoutside #thegreatoutdoors #naturephotography #photography #nature #travel
Congratulations to the runner up of our 2017 summer photo contest... @canadamountainman !!! Thank you for submitting this beautiful photo and for following Earthjustice. We will post the winner tomorrow, stay tuned! #getoutside #choosemountains #keepitwild #naturephotography #thegreatoutdoors #optoutside #exploremore
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