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NEW VIDEO is LIVE (link in bio)! It's all about our LEAST favorite liquid lipstick formulas. πŸ‘€ What other videos do you guys wanna see?! (P.s. a favorites version of this is already on the list πŸ’‹β€).
UM ARE YOU KIDDING? @blackmooncosmetics is launching this badass lipstick "Eternal" on Feb 3rd. I'm DYING to get my hands on this!
New video! Link in bio πŸ™ƒ
A few bits of @girlactik news! ❗At 10 AM PST TODAY they will be offering customizable trios for $30! It will come with three mini sizes (4ml) as opposed to the full size (7.5ml), but considering full sized are usually $23 each it's still an incredible deal! ❗ The shade Playful (shown at the bottom) is BACK IN STOCK! Our code DUPETHAT will take 15% off. Lastly, the lip model is @makeupbyjesi and yes she also models for Colourpop. πŸ˜‰
Last set of @jdglowcosmetics Galaxy Shadow swatches ($7.50 each - 10% off with the code DUPETHAT). πŸ‘
More Galaxy Shadows from @jdglowcosmetics ($7.50 each - 10% off with the code DUPETHAT)! Plum is the only shade that's currently out of stock from this set. I absolutely recommend Malibu - it's stunning!
@jdglowcosmetics recently had a sitewide restock and most of these bad boys are still available! Their shadows are amazingly pigmented, only $7.50 each and the code DUPETHAT will get you a discount. These swatches are of their Galaxy Shadows (part one of three)!
Huge thanks to @nyxcosmetics for sending us their line of Total Control Drop Foundations ($14) to swatch for you babes! I know it's not ideal to have these all swatched on one skin tone, but I truly hope these swatches make finding your shade a little bit easier compared to just shopping photos on the website. Let's talk foundation! These foundations come in dropper bottles that contain .43 oz of product. The price isn't *terrible* for an affordable brand, especially since the formula is SO bomb. The formula is so unique in the fact that it feels super thin and liquidy, yet gives you FULL coverage. It's so lightweight that you'll forget you're wearing it! Unlike many other drugstore foundations, this one doesn't emphasize dryness, pores, or texture. It sets well with a powder and doesn't cake up whatsoever. I'm incredibly impressed with this and it may become a new fave! What do you guys think of this foundation?
Swatches of the NEW @nyxcosmetics Away We Glow Liquid Highlighters ($7 each)! These tubes of liquid highlight have the coolest wands. They're a rounder version of the teardrop wand that has a space in the center to hold product, so it really disperses a good amount of it. At first I wished these were a little less liquidy, but I think the more liquidy formula is essential to the product - it helps it blend easier than thicker cream highlights (thicker formulas always stick to my beauty sponge)! Have you babes tried these yet? Thoughts?
@mollycosmetics Stardust SiliSponge ($16.90 - 10% off with the code DUPETHAT) is BACK! Orders are scheduled to ship out 2/1. This round SiliSponge fits in most compacts.
These beauties are all from @blackmagiclashes ! They offer a large selection of lashes that range from $8 - $24 and our affiliate code DUPETHAT will take 10% off! My favorite style is actually called Fire Walker (which I'm wearing over on @thelipswatch ) and they're soo comfortable! πŸ’‹ Which styles are calling your name?
Thank you @slaylashes for these luxury lashes! Couture is just my style. It has so much dimension! Which style looks best to you?!
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