Charlamagne Thagod

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Saturday Night. Classic Black Movie Hours. This what I'm on right now. Uncle Charla highly recommends this one to you kids......
Salute my guy @plies for coming through the @breakfastclubam day party today for cultural purposes only.
Can't come to Charlotte without seeing my family @allseasonsneaker @regularchexx @jewlesofficial @fire_red01 my brother @dareal_hollywooddre missing in action love seeing how y'all continue to grow the All Season Brand!!!!
If you 35 and older say word. Strictly day parties, night parties for the late 90's early 2000's babies.
Just another @breakfastclubam day party during CIAA weekend. 7 years strong. We at Vanity Lounge if you can get in!! This just the upstairs.
Doors are open now!!!! @breakfastclubam 7th Annual Day Party!!!! See you in a few!!!
For The Culture. Dan Rather on #UncommonSenseLive every Friday night 11:30PM on @MTV2
Number 4 Trending in the USA tonight!!! #UncommonSenseLive Thank You. Really means a lot when y'all fuck with me. It's all for the culture I swear.
First episode of Season 3 #UncommonSenseLive is a wrap. Thank You for watching!!! Every Friday 11:30PM on @MTV2
#UncommonSenseLive tune in!!! @MTV2 right now!!! Call us 1-844-280-4225
#UncommonSenseLive with the OG journalist Dan Rather 11:30PM on @MTV2 phone lines Are open now 1844-280-4225
Tune into the Bull Shine. #UncommonSenseLive 18442804225 11:30PM @MTV2
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