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Do you know what it is like, to lie in bed awake; with thoughts to haunt you every night, of all your past mistakes. Knowing sleep will set it right--- if you were not wake.
with the best ppl✨💖 p.s. *insert sa wala* sayang dili ta complete💛
murag truuu
lit with or without you✨
love and misadventure @langleav
aning, so pretty✨💛
he makes me turn, he makes me toss; his words mean mine are at a loss. he makes me blush! he makes me want to brush and floss © lang leav
a food for my soul. 💖
thoughts dawn turns to day, as stars are dispersed; wherever I lay, I think of you first. The sun has arisen, the sky, a sad blue. I quietly listen- the wind sings of you. The thoughts we each keep, that are closest to heart, we think as we sleep- and you're always my last. 💖 © Lang Leav
💛 @langleav 😌
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