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So @chanteljeffries is at #colourpopcosmetics HQ!... what is she up to!!? Possible collab!? What do you think? More important: if it is, what shades/products would you like to see!?! Ty @jnatfaith for the heads up!!! #colourpopcosmetics #colourpopme #colourpopcult
Ty @mimera929 for the awesome comparisons!!!! Dropping tomorrow: SAND!! Spring phase 2! #sprungoncolourpop #colourpopcult #colourpopme #colourpopcosmetics
Tomorrow @looxi_beauty is restocking her store!!! Link in bio for the highlight video!!!! Don't forget to watch my @devinahcosmetics swatch vid too and the COLOURPOP COSMETICS SAND COLLECTION VIDEO!!! This is all dropping tomorrow so nothing better than swatches to get you ready!!! Also wifey @angelamarytanner has a ton of swatches and also in our blog #colourpopcult #looxibeauty #indiebeauty #indie #beauty #youtube #highlighter #wakeupandmakeup
New vid! Swatches and initial thoughts and must haves of the new ColourPop Spring 2017 - phase 3 “SAND” go to our blog OURBEAUTYCULT.COM for the goods!!! OR: go on YouTube and search OIR BEAUTY CULT! This is dropping this Friday 3/24 check out previous posts for pics and deetz! #colourpopcult #colourpopcosmetics #colourpopsand #sprungoncolourpop #highlighters #glow #youtube #beautyblog #ourbeautycult
Got the @patchology Post Peel Pedi Cure foot masks from @octoly free for review but all the opinions are my own, per usual. A little background: I have used before the Baby Foot masks and I'm going to compare it to that and weigh pros and cons. To prepare to test this mask, I walked around outside barefoot a lot! In the cold! In the heat! In the gravel! In the snow! I went method and let my feet get extra callusy (not a word but whatever) earning looks from hubs whenever I checked if they were "rough enough for testing". Nothing brings you closer to your loved one than gross stuff.. last year I tested baby foot's mask and it was almost 2 weeks of peeling. It was gross, and I forced hubs to do it with me and he was miserable the whole time. To top it all off we did this in the summer and we were forced to keep socks on during extremely harsh heat. These type of foot masks are a sore subject at home. So this time I was determined to enjoy the experience and it's results. This comes in a bootie shaped bag with a soft liner where you insert your foot into and pour as much solution as you'd like. I poured the whole thing, I'm an all or nothing kinda gal. It says to keep it on for An hour or for 1 1/2 if you need extra exfoliation. I kept it 1 hour cause I was kinda antsy and it was the end of the day. I soaked my feet 15 min and 15 after as directed. Dried feet. Put on socks. Moved on with my life. Day 2: my feet started itching but nothing happened as expected, per box. Day 3: sh*t hit the fan and I became “V the final battle” lizard level activated. Day 4th: My feet had exfoliated and I was the owner of a brand new pair of sandal ready feet. YAYs: the exfoliation was quick (compared to a 2 week martyrdom with the other brand), there is an option to regulate how much product you apply. Price is the same as the other brand. MEH: it did not exfoliate to the max level like the other brand did, do take into account that I exposed my feet to the elements to really get them roughed up - if you have normal non-ogre feet these are perfectly fine, quick way to exfoliate your feetsies. OVERALL: i liked them, but my level of ogre feet require I use hard core stuff.
Pink comparisons!!!!! Working on these this week! I'll do lighter colors next then I'll do sand tomorrow. Lippies I'll do tomorrow too cause they always stain my arms and I'm swatching other stuff right now too! Sss means Super shock shadow! #colourpopcult #colourpopme #colourpopcosmetics #pink #colourpoppink #colourpopnectar
Well well well! Three new highlighters from one of our favorite indie: @meltcosmetics !! Dropping in April for $39 each. Article by @chantelmmorel for @allure Deets @lora_arellano #colourpopcult #meltdigitaldust #meltcosmetics
Top: @makeupgeekcosmetics COSMOPOLITAN Bottom: #colourpopcosmetics COME AND GET IT. TY @beautyfrenzyblog For the comparison! #colourpopcult #colourpopcosmetics
Upon the impending apocalypse known as @devinahcosmetics fully restocking her shop on Friday 3/24; I did the unthinkable: swatched everything on my stash. Most of these were purchased but the brand did send me some for review - you can save 20% on your haul with affil code "BEAUTYCULT". The first part of the vid is highlighters then is all the shadows (sans the mattes which are in another video) nothing like seeing duochromes and shimmers in motion and different lighting!!! Go to our YouTube channel "OUR BEAUTY CULT" and don't forget to give it a like or dislike / comment/ sub! #colourpopcult #indiecosmetics #devinahcosmetics #eyeshadows #highlighter #glow #devinah #indie #youtube for more swatches check out @angelamarytanner and our blog together OURBEAUTYCULT.COM
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