I am wife, mom, and an Independent Distributor of LipSense. The 💄💋 lipstick that last 4-18 hours (or more). Order yours today!! or

My Little girl is growing up fast. She was baptized last Saturday. To add to her special day, I let her wear her favorite LipSense color, Aussie Rose. #growingupfast 😢 #baptism #aussieroselipsense #beautifulgirl #love
Happy national lipstick day!!
Blu-red color was my choice of color yesterday. It matched my dress perfectly. Bright and bold. I am ready for the world. Bring it on!! Lol.
Hum. I love dusty rose. I have 1 left. Get it before its gone! SeneGence is no longer offering this wonderful color.
This is so me most days, except the eyeliner would read as Dr Pepper instead. I am wearing Fire N Ice today. I like how it covers my mess ups and still looks awesome!
This distributor is wearing Blu-Red LipSense. It is the perfect color for the 4th of July! Plus is it waterproof so it will stay out all day
Red lips! I finally got the color I wanted for my Lip Charms. $1.25 each. #redlips #lipcharms 💋 #jewlerymaking #fun
Have you tried the foundation yet? I love the full coverage and it have anti aging senederm seneplex in it. I have samples if you are interested!
Win a free color giveaway! Make a purchase this week, and be entered in the drawing for a free color! Any senegence products is considered a purchase. Contact me today.
Have you seen the acne line? Almost makes me wish to be a teen again 😳. The oily to acne cleanser, moisturizers and spot on treatments work at cleaning your pores and healing your skin! I have seen wonderful results in others. Let me know if you want it! I have one available!!!
Every once in a while, I see Gods hand directing my life. This is one of those moments. I am so blessed to have the talent to sew and sell these bags online. Check out my new FB business page, @bagsbysharla. #colormylipsbysharla #blessed #entrepreneur #businesswoman #homeoffice #littlelipsbagsbysharla
Be Yourself, everyone else is taken! So true! Somedays I get so overwhelmed with all I feel that I need to accomplish. But after seeing this sign, I stopped and took a deep breath. I can only do what I can do. I am not perfect. My LipSense is!! Lol
Dark Under eye Treatment ready does help the bags and lines. Leaving your skin looking younger. #darkcircles #gone #colormylipsbysharla
Which button would you choose? I do pink and wrinkles go away!
I have one left! Contact me before its gone for good. 😍
This oil works wonders on skin. Give it a try today for only $45.00. A little bit goes a long way.
Don't let this happen to your LipSense. Protect it from the heat. I have a perfect carrying bag for them so they are easy to remove from the car or purse. Only $3.50 and it holds 3 colors/glosses.
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