26th April ♉🐃 Art/interior decor lover🌴 chic humorous😜 Caring to Frnds & Family👭 Certified brainy 📚 Str84rd 🔨 Gazelle #Godismyrock #

🐞🐞🐞 Big God
Just a Lil #tb ❤❤
Keep dating don't stop😂😂
when God works
"the monotony of a quiet life stimulates d creative mind." -Albert Einstein #thefutureisripe
when ur wit friends who gives hapinez #holiday #mylovlies
Strongest, determined, intelligent
So so true
D song got me twerking... #psquare to me dis is just their best album @ivoryqueen_ u need this on ur day babes
God's blessings i see
My fab week wit Beckyluv as i prep for the salah pub hols