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All about mood.

When u have that one friend who always gets in trouble. #throwback #dope #cool
"So burn me with fire. Drown me with rain. I'm gonna wake up, Screaming your name... Yes I'm a sinner. Yes I'm a saint. Whatever happens here, Whatever happens here, We remain."
Nice cloudy day. No wonder I'm in nice mood today.
I don't have time for a lot of things. With training and extra class, plus a restless sleep. But I do have a time for knowledge, bcuz I love to learn something new. This picture is about the Hollow Earth Theory. The Hollow Earth Theory is--- go find about it urself. P.S. The real reason; too much explanation.
Ever watched Tokyo Ghoul? I'm not that obsessed with anime this this show sure get a grip on my attention. For who haven't and wanna watch it, better prepare a box of tissue. Some scenes are pretty emotional.
Eel!!! Omg, I love this the most. I always ordered this whenever I visit the sushi store.
".....and the verses I write, will speak for me. Good girls don't make history. So I may never 've what you assume. Don't want your hooks or auto-tune. If I'm off key then that's all right with me. Oh and maybe you will learn this when I'm gone. My song will carry on." Alessia Cara--My Song. #teenager #youngbloods #feelingsocool #17 #youth
Korean foods Japanese foods VS Korean foods. Which one do u prefer? I think I prefer Korean foods.
Japanese foods.
Troye Sivan ft Betty Who; HEAVEN
Zedd ft Alessia Cara -- Stay
Sorry but that's the truth.
When u're having a conversation with ur best friend about ur ex and think of doing some bad deeds to get what he deserves. What a relationship. Damn.
Tag ur besties!
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