Claude קלוד كلود 🦄

A girl is no one.

Walked out of my final feeling great, so I went to the flower shop. 🦄🌸🌸
I'll run my fingers through my own hair and grab my own ass. Bye. #valentinewho
I took the liberty to screenshot and repost this off of @abedadeeb9 's Snapchat and onto my ig. In all seriousness, this has been my f***ing mood since the beginning of February. 😭 TAU is too dark and full of endless terrors. MAKE IT STOP!!!! #finalsweekgotmelike #nightmare #studentlife #mood
Who needs to study on a Saturday when the sun's out and the weather is just perfect, anyway? Huh?☀️🍓🍍 #smoothiesaturday
Probably the only thing I miss about Texas. Introducing Sammy, the sweetest Golden Retriever on the planet! 🐶 #exchangestudent #memories #Texas
Happy 16th anniversary to my second mom and dad. ♥️ Wishing you a long life full of endless hugs, laughs and kisses. You're forever in my heart. Love you and see you soon, xoxo. 💋#anniversary #michigan #family
I held up a strong front that day at the airport. But as she walked through the terminal's gate it hit me that it might be a while before I see her again. Called my mom, and cried my eyes out "mommy, she's gone." SO extremely lucky to call her my Czech sister. Happy birthday, Eliška. xoxo ♥️#sisterfromanothermister
The picture that got me through some rough days. #exchangestudentlife #family
haven't posted in a while wadduppppp
i miss you, grandpa.
because why not be silly? 🐶 #vibes
Baby girl 💕
•Away from New Year's resolutions• . Sometimes we get caught up in our own story. We tell ourselves our future is bleak because of what has happened in our past. We think we don’t deserve happiness, love, or success because we’ve messed up so many times before. But thankfully, our pasts are just that — past. And our future can be anything we create it to be. Too often we forget life is a journey of our making, not a series of f-ck ups we’re doomed to live through. Despite messing up — tremendously — in the past, I’ve managed to carve out a life I love. Is it always perfect? Certainly not; I just had a setback the other day. But is it a pleasure to be living? Most definitely. No matter what happens in your lives, remember it’s your own. Shape it into whatever you want it to be. #peptalk #travelbug
Lights and interior design. ✨✨✨
All the #cheese 🧀
Introducing my humble Christmas tree 🎄✨🎅🏽 #studentlife #holidayseason #lights
''Tis also the season for donutssssss 🍩🍩🍩 #sweettooth #israel #hanukkah
Happy 71st birthday to my badass Nana 🤘🏽 Love you endlessly❤️ #mygrandmaiscoolerthanyours
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