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making america great again

This diaper is never not blue so don't even start with me
Houston aquarium with Luna for @si_swimsuit launch week!!
Just a typical press day with @mj_day for the launch of @si_swimsuit 2017!!
Happy valentine's day from me and @thelovemagazine ! Follow and click their link to see full video!
I am a demon and I stole this
‪My stylist @MonicaRoseStyle just sent me this from last night I mean how and why does anyone work with me ‬
Another grammys down! Thank you for adjusting to my last minute dress change and making me wear underwear @monicarosestyle ! @jenatkinhair I know we hate being nice or sweet but I love you and thank you for my chop chop, you hard working talented butthead. And thank you for doing my makeup on your birthday @patrickta ! I love you all so much also sorry for the dry humping and stuff
Grammys. Beyonce. Done. @jasonderulo @johnlegend
A few hours in vegas to support my niece pasha's school fundraiser! I didn't know school fundraisers could be so lit. I should go to more. I'm going to legit start crashing school fundraisers. Was so nice to meet you last night, @luchie_lv !!! Follow her! Xoxo
Watch @therealsarahhyland and @deandre tonight on @spikelsb at 10/9c! Just don't tell John about my new friend...
Last night!! Had so much fun celebrating @directvnow with @si_swimsuit here in Houston! And love to my babies @daniellepriano @allanface and @monicarosestyle !!!
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