Chandler Candle Co.

Hand-poured, scented candles made using only the highest-quality fragrances and all-natural soy wax. Made in Chicago.

Double double, toil and trouble. Who’s ready for Halloween??
Our newest seasonal scent, Mulled Cider, is available in our diffuser too! Which do you prefer? Classic candle or diffuser? #candles #fall
So much fall in one image! Can you handle it? Get our new scent, Mulled Cider and fall in love with fall again! Fall. 🍁 #fall #candle
The leaves are changing. Are you ready? #winteriscoming #fall
New fragrance!!!! Mulled cider! 🍁🍂🍎 Doesn’t get more perfect for that fantastic fall feeling!
They’re on their way! #candles
One of our top sellers! Italian bergamot. Have you tried it? Let us know! #candles
Warming it up for fall! Who’s ready? #fallforfall #candles
Where will you be transported? What memories will you bring back? Smell has such power. Tell us your favorite scent memory!
Behind the scenes. Just gettin that perfect shot of our fall candles! #candles #fall
Do you prefer your fragrances with or without combustion? Either way we’ve got you covered. Have you checked out our diffusers?
When one wick isn’t enough... have you tried our three wick candles yet? #candle #fallforfall #candles
Ok #Monday . We see you.
Once you pop, you can’t stop! Don’t you just love popping open a new Chandler Candle? 😌🔥
It’s Friday! Light a candle. Take a bath. Enjoy! #candles
Featured fall fragrance: Orange pomander. With citrus and spicy clove it's perfect for the cooling weather. #fall #fallforfall #candle
Pumpkin spice and everything nice!! Fall fragrances like Pumpkin Chai Tea and Hearthside in the store! #candle #fall #pumpkinspice #october
What farmer's market scent would make a good candle fragrance? 🤔 #candle #farmersmarket #farmerfragrance
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