Please Don't Go

How can I be "Queen" without the "King"?

Treasure every second with Your partner.
Mac N Cheese for 2 people
"The First Priority To The Ninja Is To Win Without Fighting"
Spicy Ramen Challenge!!!! I'm dead ;-;
Late Celebrate ._.
Allah is the greatest ^^
Merry Christmas!!!
11/11 Happy Pocky Day!!! And Veterans Day!!!
Do not swear by the moon,for she changes constantly.Then Your love would also change.
If you all wonder why I always seem quiet all the time.
Happy Halloween!!! From Kokkuri-san and Kohina ~
Watching Haikyuu season 3 while everyone at school :3
Nichijou <3
New Pokeanimals!
Anime:Watamote Character:Tomoko Kuroki *no face*
Happy National Day!
Don't do this to animal ._.
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