Please Don't Go

I cost a boy his life cause afraid to love

Jungle Trekking is pretty fun
"True Love is like our shadow, tough we cannot touch, yet it's always with Us..."
Treasure every second with Your partner.
Mac N Cheese for 2 people
"The First Priority To The Ninja Is To Win Without Fighting"
Spicy Ramen Challenge!!!! I'm dead ;-;
Late Celebrate ._.
Allah is the greatest ^^
Merry Christmas!!!
11/11 Happy Pocky Day!!! And Veterans Day!!!
Do not swear by the moon,for she changes constantly.Then Your love would also change.
If you all wonder why I always seem quiet all the time.
Happy Halloween!!! From Kokkuri-san and Kohina ~
Watching Haikyuu season 3 while everyone at school :3
Nichijou <3
New Pokeanimals!
Anime:Watamote Character:Tomoko Kuroki *no face*
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