Ariana Grande HQ Pics

✨Hi we're Jassy and Jobbe. We post Ariana Grande HQ pictures. Follow for more babes, we love you cuties💗🦄

I want that she wears more of these onesies ✨ - jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
this is so cute💓 i love her with whole my heart - jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
Throwback to Japan Vogue 😍😍 - Jassy (@myarianvideos )
rare photoshoot💓🌈 - jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
thankful @alfredoflores
We had gym today and we needed to fight there✨ my body hurts so bad omg -jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
some ariana grande photoshoot pics for focus✨ (not in order) -jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
We hit 2k today omg tysm to y'all that means so much to us 💜 We'll continue to support Ari till the end of our lifes and maybe also after that if there's a life after death 😂💜 - Jassy (@myarianavideos )
Remember she wore those glasses in her music video for "Let Me Love You" too 😍💜 - Jassy (@myarianavideos )
Honeymoon tour✨ - jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
I miss those looks 😍😭 - Jassy (@myarianavideos )
how was your day? 💜 - jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
- jobbe (@arisdailyvideos ) ✨
cutest 💗✨ - jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
i love y'all ✨ - jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
scream queens ✨ - jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
Amazing pic 😍😍 - Jassy (@myarianavideos )
i love her so much ✨ - jobbe (@arisdailyvideos )
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