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I am annoying and pushy. FOR THE ANIMALS.
Tonight, I knew we were going to rescue a sick goat. I also knew that the farmer was bringing piglets to auction tomorrow or next Tuesday. I did not know which piglets - but I did know that Batman's siblings were still there. There was a possibility that it would be them - which would have forced me to intercept. When Jamie from @freedomfarm_animalrescue and I arrived, we went right over to the farmer who brought us to the goat. She was emaciated, anemic and it seemed as though she had given up. We agreed to take her off of the farmer's hands. I then asked him which piglets he was sending off. That was when he went over to a stall in the dark barn. A net was leaning against the door. It was Batman's siblings - just as I suspected. We chatted for a few minutes and then asked if we could take the piglets before they went to auction. Now, pot bellied pigs go to auction and are usually sold as novelties. The pigs then get bigger and bigger - and in the wrong hands, are disposed off. Auctions also expose them to so many diseases. That fate would have been a horrible one. I then asked about the mother. "She's a good producer. A good baby maker." 10 piglets per year could bring in up to $500 per year - x10 = $5,000. That is how the farmer sees the mother of these babies. Batman's mother. The conversation didn't go much further. Jamie and I stared at each other - knots in our stomachs. What were we supposed to do? Leave them all behind or just take the babies? We went back and forth, paining over either outcome. The lesser of two evils? Take the little ones and work on the mom in the next week... That's what we did. 5 lives made better tonight in the blink of an eye. It was one of the hardest rescues I've done in a long time due to the emotional ties to Batman as well as having to leave the mother behind - for now. @slimbp13 will be fostering two of the piglets, @freedomfarm_animalrescue will be fostering one and @hispees and I will take one. They need intensive care and any more than one or two would be very difficult. Over the next few days, we will work on getting mom. She might not take her babies back at that point but at least she will be free. 🙏 Stay tuned.
I received a call this afternoon from the same farmer who called me about little orphaned Batman. This farmer had a brown goat who was fading fast and asked if I could take her. I had @hispees record the phone call because I knew it was going to be in reference to an animal in need. I then contacted Jamie from @freedomfarm_animalrescue to see if he was willing to take her. He agreed - so we drove over to pick her up immediately. While there, this farmer - I SHIT YOU NOT - was catching tiny piglets with a net to prepare them for auction. Guess what? They were Batman's remaining siblings. We are sitting here now going back and forth about intercepting all four babies from going to auction. Taking the mom is completely out of the question. He is not willing to part. Do you have $1? Send it over. Tax deductible to us or Jamie from @freedomfarm_animalrescue 🙏 The goat will need emergency care TONIGHT. And if we find placement for all four piglets, they will all need vetting within the week. PayPal: or visit 🙏🙏🙏 UPDATES COMING.
❤RSVP: ANIMALRIGHTSMARCH@GMAIL.COM ❤ Let us know you are coming! JOIN US September 2nd in NYC for the 2017 Animal Rights March. This is not just a "vegan thing". Are you against animal testing, fur, factory farming, dog fighting or puppy mills? This is a march for the voiceless. You still have a couple of days left to purchase t-shirts featuring our three rescues, Rancho Relaxo, @goatsofanarchy and @freedomfarm_animalrescue . Our three sanctuaries will be uniting for them. You do not have to purchase a shirt to march with us, but if you do purchase a shirt, wear it with us as we march on September 2nd. You can order one by going to @albaparis and clicking the link in the bio. THESE SHIRTS ARE LIMITED EDITION AND WILL NEVER BE SOLD AGAIN. We want to know who is marching with us! If you will be joining us, please email and let us know at We will email you will details and our meeting location! Hope to see everyone there!
We had our "MEET THE TEAM" photoshoot for the Rancho Relaxo website with @sfisherx last week! This is my absolute favorite of myself with the horse who started it all - Jake. ❤ @sfisherx has a Patreon where you can pledge a certain amount each month and get pictures in the mail. The link is in here bio. #retiredracehorse #ottb #animalrescue #savedfromslaughter #vegan
We want to say thank you to @hankdemo for volunteering his skills - as always. All we had to do was buy most of the wood and this fun little castle was constructed for the goaties at the new caretaker facility! We can't wait to add more! ❤ Thank you to @rwfisherconstruction for lending the work vehicle!!! Note: Yes. That is Cecil staking his claim. 😂
In my previous post, I mentioned that Humphrey's hooves have to be soaked daily due to how infected they are. This is due to him standing in his own manure for years on end with no proper care. He spent his whole life as a carriage/work mule with his "owners" having had no regard of his wellbeing. He is in a lot of pain, of course, but we are very motivated to get him through it. He has already shown great improvement. Note: LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIS SOAKING BOOTS. 😳 @hispees
On July 3rd, we were bearing witness at a livestock auction when we came across a gigantic draft mule already tagged for slaughter. He was hanging his head low, he was skinny, his feet were in scary shape and he was defeated. A few of us ran around the auction house floor, looking for the kill buyer who purchased him for his meat. It took a while, but we were able to get this gentle giant signed over to us. We immediately loaded him onto a trailer with the help of a misguided child (the one WHIPPING over and over in the video). We had no idea this was happening until we watched the video. We also can't disown behavior like this openly or the owners and employees of the auction will hawk us or even kick us out. We named this beautiful giant Humphrey. He had to spend close to 7 weeks in quarantine in order for us to run tests and make sure no infectious diseases surface. We realized how hard Humphrey's life had been very quickly. Laminitis, Cushing's Disease, founder, depression, heavily infected hooves ... and although he looked 30, he was only 14 years old. We knew he had a long road ahead of him - and he still does. Today, we finally brought Humphrey home. He is going to be boarded at an upscale facility due to him needing his feet soaked every single day - as well as various medications. Guess who has the stall next to him? Loche!!! Just to give you an idea about how much rehabs like this cost - $1,070 per month for Loche and Humphrey. This does not include Humphrey's weekly vet visits. We are lucky that we have our trainer, Erica, doing the intensive care voluntarily every single day. Thank you all so much for continuing to love and support our mission at Rancho Relaxo. Humphrey, amongst many others, is alive because of you. ❤ To make a tax deductible donation, visit (link in bio)
Humphrey has landed. Humphrey has landed!!!!!! STAY TUNED FOR A VIDEO UPDATE. ❤ #savedfromslaughter
Guess what?...
(Please go follow @sfisherx ❤ She is changing the world with her photos. She took this one of Peanut!) So!!! I know a few of you have been waiting for some information on upcoming Rancho Relaxo events. I have been so behind on everything and I apologize for not sitting down and typing this out. SEPTEMBER 9TH - We are asking everyone to join us at our new offsite property to meet Lottie, Sophie, and a handful of other animals! It will be very laid back! Donations are not required - but of course, are always appreciated! @selflovevegan will be there! Yummy food! To attend, you have to sign up by emailing ❤ OCTOBER 27TH - Camping on the farm!!! That's right, folks. Come spend the night under the stars with the animals. This event will require a $50 donation! Veggie dogs will be provided! All you need to bring is a sleeping bag and tent! Limited to 30 people!!!!!! Please sign up by emailing ❤ Finally, we are looking for one or two more volunteers. You must be local though - within 35 minutes! Also, you MUST sign up for a day or two on an ongoing basis. It cannot be a one time thing just yet! Please email and let her know any experience you have and where you are located. ❤ @thenamewasmills and @justin.thomas624 are our official volunteer coordinators. They are amazing human beings and we are so grateful for them both. ❤
( Our beautiful Bibble boy! Photo by @sfisherx ) So, I have felt lost lately. Maybe more like I am losing my footing. Every single time your heart breaks - and I mean truly breaks ... not first crush does not work out breaks - you feel a little emptier in life. Like, you are waiting for someone to put something back inside of you. I give everything to my soul's mission, my path in life - the animals. Because I give everything, I risk everything - including my very heart. At this point in time, my heart is so bruised that I believe it will never be in remission ever again. I choose to live in pain. I know what saving the unsaveable over and over again does to a human. It disables. It paralyzes. It suffocates. The reason I accept this constant suffering? Animals, in general, suffer far greater than I do - and maybe, just maybe ... a few miracles will work their way into my life like so many already have in the past. I hold onto the simple fact that they need me and I am their voice. Who else? They deserve better, so I do better - for them. I have bonded with so many who ended up departing too early. Their short lives in which they were so very loved should be celebrated and not blocked out due to a little bit of pain. If the very first death that I experienced on the farm pushed me out of the rescue game, hundreds of others who thrive here NOW would not even exist. Whether it is 20 minutes or 20 years that I get to spend with them, I will consider each and every rescue a success. Because knowing love in any form after living in hell is what it means to be rescued. ❤ To all of the animals waiting to be rescued, I am on my way and I am bringing an army with me.
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