Mirror Mirror on the wall Bebe slays so fuck them all

So time for some moral: I've seen a lot of pages comparing Bebe with Kylie and I'll have to be honest I didn't liked it at all! I don't really like Kylie cause I feel like she's a brat that got everything she wanted. First of all Bebe and her are NOTHING alike by their appearance just because they're both blonde that doesn't make them alike. As characters or lives they're 100% different. Bebe worked for years to achieve success and to be in the throne that she is today for all her Rexhars... it took her years and days full of hard work to be who she is today and I feel proud af for her cause she is an amazing singer and songwriter. But on the other hand Kylie is who she is because of her mama's pocket full of money and has 0 talent. Bebe is all natural and just like mama bukie made her and from her we learned to love ourselves just the way we are. Kylie doesn't even look like herself and from her we learned that if we don't like smth at our body or face plastic surgery is the solution! Noticed anything common? No. So I think all this comparison shit is so fake cause they have nothing alike or in common🙃
I AM FINALLY GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL I can't believe it and Im growing up so fast😭Shit and Im so close at the "getting my own life" part or getting my own house and I'm a mf star so I do no dishes Prob get a made for that. lol started with: going to hs and finished with get a made bruh. Anyway I forgot to tell you that the caption has nothing to do with the memes but I hope you liked them tho😈 goodnight
Slaying my entire life bruh - Never posted at 1am before
Some close ups - I wonder how some fanpages can put their watermark on every post like HOW I can barely find and post pics my lazy ass its out of order😰
The #vmas look
OK this is relatable af cause AYFPT2 fucked my feelings up😂 - So lately Im so into videos and idk why -_-
Waiting for everyone to unfollow me after posting this like:🙇🏻‍♀️
Am I the only one who relates to this?
This bitch is back at it again with memes
I am so so sorry for not being active and taking a lot of brakes but I will try to push all the problems so I can be active🙂
I was supposed to look like a snack this summer but I look like I ate all the snacks fml😭😭
~You fuck me up~
I think Bebe should follow fanpages cause she only follows 2 active ones
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