Daniel Chinchilla

Celebrity Beauty Expert- Hollywood,CA

If this isn't the story of my life tho.... Relatable?🤔
Today's Look 👀💄🎨 #beautybydchinchilla @dangerouswomantour
The real me 😒 #skinglowingtho
Good morning 💀💀
Life Goals 💡
If you could wake up anywhere, where would you be? 👅
That other day❤️💄🎨 @arianagrande @dangerouswomantour 📸 @alfredoflores #beautybydchinchilla
Somebody bring me both ☕️😴 - #beautybydchinchilla
I need a good caption! Omg I forgot to color my other arm 😅😹
I'm so dramatic 😥
New Phone, Who Dis?
Today's look 👀 @arianagrande #beautybydchinchilla
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