Savan Kotecha

Songwriter, Publisher, Dad, (not a) crack dealer

Imagine a bunch of women surrounding a desk taking away the right for men to get prostate exams or just plain taking away a man's right to do what he wants with his body. How would society react? We need to stay vigilant. This is gonna be a long 4 years, but goodness will win.
Erryday erryday erryday
The great Dan Rather.
Check out @_byjulius_ now being sold at @ameliajcollection
If only he were here to talk some sense into the world today. Let's not forget what he stood for. Stand up and speak out. #happymlkday
Haha Scotland understands (see article)
Trump's just mad cuz we've discovered why his hair hasn't turned gray. #goldenshowers
Has there ever been a man so in touch with "everyday people"? PS. Don't let all that solid gold fool you, every single piece of furniture in this picture can be found at IKEA.
When an Indian, an Iranian and a once in a generation talent walk into a bar..... #everyday 😎
Incase anyone was wondering, this is what "elite" "out of touch" and "privileged" actually looks like.
Well this is nice news on a rainy Monday morning
Real tweet from 2103. His twitter history is the gift that keeps on giving. Will the media challenge him on it?
Call your representatives and tell them to stop speaker Ryan. @plannedparenthood does so much more than abortions (which should be a woman's right anyway). Defunding them would be a crime. Paul Ryan shouldn't be making decisions on women's health.
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