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Songwriter, Publisher, Dad, (not a) crack dealer

This is an amazing essay worth reading:
First time on tour! Proud of da boyz @prettymuch !!!!!
@mobyrichmusic is now on the @kruetv app! Check them out! (If you don't know about the Krue app, check it out. It's pretty awesome and a great place for new artists)
When you take your kid to his first @redskins game and your childhood hero Joe Theismann signs your hat! #hailtotheredskins
👀👀👀 @mobyrichmusic almost time
The video for #wouldyoumind is out now!! @prettymuch #beanz
This is disgusting and cruel. It doesn't have any benefits other than to pander to the racists in his base. The president is a sadist, there's no other way to explain these actions.
Wow 😳. Good to know. Thank you @25park
Today is this man's birthday. Not only is he a force of nature who inspires us all to reach heights we may not have thought possible, he's also an amazing human-being and family man. I'm proud to call him my friend. Happy birthday to the great @charliewalk
When i was 16 and 17 years old, during SXSW, I'd hang out in the lobby of the Double Tree Hotel and pass out demo tapes to anyone who looked like they could be from a record label or music publisher. I'd get kicked out for 'soliciting', go to my car, change my shirt, put on a hat and try again until they caught on. I'd also sneak into panels to get any insight on the business i so desperately wanted to be So it's such an honor to now be asked to speak at next years SXSW festival. Hope to see you there!
This aged well.
Awesome to visit the #Saalt office in DC. They are doing amazing work representing the south Asian community and fighting hate crimes. We need organizations like this now more than ever. Please support the ones that speak to you.
Just sayin.
When I met these dudes late last year, I didn't expect to be blown away by how talented they are. They made me remember why I love making music and how fun it can be. They are all around entertainers in the truest sense. We've got some exciting stuff coming through the next months. But for now @prettymuch 's first single #wouldyoumind hits radio this week! Request and look out for it on your favorite stations! Cc: @jacobkasher @ilya_music @syco @columbiarecords
So proud of this one. We wrote this for all those who've lost their countries or their homes. We all deserve to feel we belong somewhere. We all deserve freedom, opportunity and to live in peace. No matter what our poor excuse for a president says. #refugee @skipmarley
I'm not alone damn it!!!!
#refugee #Friday @skipmarley 🙌🙌🙌🙌
#Beanz !!!! @prettymuch killed it!!!! @teenchoicefox #wouldyoumind All you PM fans are amazing so great to meet some of you!!
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