simon, ari & joe°✧ *ೃ༄ (multi)

- i promise after that, i'll let u go ૢ

This is my edit midway before removing the bangs😛 tag meh if u repost pls (Lmao not that i think anyone will but)
I trimmed the video down and edited it a wee bit!! Hope you lit it lmao💜💜 [ @miniminter , @vikkstagram @behzingagram @zerkaahd ] Qotd; if youve watched any whose disstrack did you like best // did anyone else watch thats so raven?? A; bruh simon killed it and bruh thats so raven was so lit the intro was my fav
Homestly cant explaun how precious my lil beans are @joe_sugg u are a beautiful being wtaf J O E | P L S | C O M E | T O | N E W Z E A L A N D | A G A I N
Just a bunch of videos of @miniminter & @joe_sugg my faves hanging at the linkin park concert. Honestly i want them to hang out so much more. WOULD BE LIT😊
Shes so beautiful i cant believe im seeing her live in 24 days WTAF A R I A N A / I S / G O I N G / T O / B E / I N / F R O N T / O F / M Y / F A C E / W T F 🎀✨🎀✨🎀✨🎀✨🎀✨🎀✨🎀✨
Is it just me or do they look especially attractive in this pic, i mean im lovin joes eyes in this MWAH!😊 J O E / I S / M A / B O I / I G H T
Here i begin the transition of my acc💗🙈 pls co-operate with me as i do this, My acc will also be more freely multi💗 I will also be getting rid of my themes and such, if you want to know why you can dm me (ig keeps making me retypre cap so im lazy whoops) Ilyasm and ty for stickin with meh - #gainpost #gaintrick #followtrain #arianagrande #gainparty #ariana #selenagomez #gaintrain #justinbieber #likeforlike #like4like #spam4spam #spamforspam #ts13thfollowtrain #uglyfollowtrain #dancemoms #onedirection #rowforrow #tumblr #uglygaintrain #jaygainingtrain #ifb #jaygainplace #gain #followtrick #followparty #like4follow #helpcash #dccfollowtrain #fakegaintrain
Heres ariana and joe rocking the @sugglifeshop merch lmao,, its not the best but i tried🙈 - @arianagrande @joe_sugg (Ps if u swipe you will see a edit of @miniminter i didnt get to post cause i didnt like it and ive finished this theme now💞) - Qotd; hit paste in the comments if u dare to🤓
Heyyy! Posting just cause... i want to;) - Comment your opinions on this pls💜😊 Honestly took me 15mins + adding the filter which @honeypng knows how long that took😂 Ilyasm💞 Lol so many people unf now im bout to lose 30k o lord so halp meh
ITZ MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW YAYAYAY Dis is an edit of smol bean @miniminter 🌿💞 Comment your battery percentage followed by your favourite emoji😻 - 78% 🌿 { #miniminter #sidemen #gaintrick #gainpost #arianagrande #gaintrain #SDMN #behzinga #vikkstar123 #ksi #zrk #simonminter #miniminteredit #followtrain #gainparty #selenagomez #gaintrain #justinbieber #likeforlike #like4like #spam4spam #spamforspam #followtrick }
Simple edits!! (Swipe!) Of @joe_sugg recolour of the new pink hoodie💞🌸 I couldn't think of my favourite to post so i just figured i would post them all💡 - Qotd ; which is your favourite? 1,, 2,, 3 or 4 Aotd ; i quite like the white and the lightest "green blue" one (@sugglifeshop @zoella @joe_sugg )
This one isnt that bad but its not good either😂🙈 Im gonna try edit joe or simon next just cause i want to switch it up a lil:) Qotd; should i edit simon or joe? 💗💗 i have somewhat of an idea of what i would do for simon but for joe i dont have anything in mind? But whatever happens happens:) - If you want to be tagged in next post just answer qotd! 🏹💜
Yayay edit!💞 This is going to be my new theme,, idk if yall are active or not but like... o well I edited this myself🤗 Let me know if you want me to post a video tutorial on me making one!! - If you want you can dm me pictures for me to edit and i will credit you when its posted💜 qotd; should i post a video of me editing? (Tagged random) Ilyasm!!
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