αriαnα & joe°✧ *ೃ༄ (30k!)

- i promise after that, i'll let u go ૢ

Yayay edit!💞 This is going to be my new theme,, idk if yall are active or not but like... o well I edited this myself🤗 Let me know if you want me to post a video tutorial on me making one!! - If you want you can dm me pictures for me to edit and i will credit you when its posted💜 qotd; should i post a video of me editing? (Tagged random) Ilyasm!!
Swipe for video edit! Warning! There is lots of flashing and pulsation in the video💗💗 ~ mw : vs ac : @bombaudios For @fawkesaf & @luhvsmulti ~ @fawkesaf (tahlia) SO TAHLIA IVE KNOWN YOU FOR SO LONG NOW AND YOUVE BEEN SUCH AN AMAZING FRIEND AND IM SO GRATEFUL!! 💞 FIRSTLY HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY LMAO ILY TO THE MOON AND BACK AND I HOPE U HAD A GRATE DAY!! SO BASICALLY I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT HOW YOU ARE SO SPECIAL BUT U ALREADY SHOULD KNOW THAT SO IMA JUST BLABBER AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!! SO UR EDITS ARE AMAZING AND YOU ARE JUST SUCH A SWEET AND AMAZING PERSON OVERALL BUT THE THING I LIKE MOST ABOUT YOU IS YOUR HUMOUR BECAUSE UR JUST LIT😂💞 THANKS FOR SHARING SO MANY LAUGHS WITH ME AND MAKING ME SUCH A HAPPY PERSON💜💜 I KNOW THIS WASNT THE BEST CAPTION BUT I JUST CANT PUT INTO WORDS HOW AMAZING YOU ARE XX SO AGAIN.. happy birthday tahlia xx ily. So. Much! 💞💞 ~ @luhvsmulti (lily) Allooooo! So firstly, happy birthday;) i know this be late n everything buttt thats kinda how i am, im pre shit at.... Everything😂💞 ANYWAY!! I love u so sos os sososososos much! And im so glad i am your friend and get to spend time with ya😊 thank you for making me laugh and being such a random egg just like meeee🙃 so again happy birthday beautiful bean!! You are so precious and i can't explain how happy you have made me over the past year!! 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 also ur lucky i didnt post all those pics i have of you so instead i made an edit dedicated to both u and tahlia😉 consider this nice of me... I know the edits... Shitty but!! I tried and thats the main point;))) ANYWAYS LMAO ILYSM AND HAPPY BIRFDAY OMG UR SO OLD SO SO SO OLD WTF Im jk 😂👀 (Btw this post is very late!! My bad!!)
FIRSTLY!! @fawkesaf & @luhvsmulti I WILL PUT UR PARAGRAPHS IN MY THEME DIVIDER OKAY I JUST REALISED THERE ARE SO MANY MISTAKES MY BAD BUT DUDES DW ITLL BE GOOD😂 (also the video i made is p-ing me off and just not working so FML I WILL GET IT SORTED THO) - NOW! I just wanted to say how proud i am of ariana at the 1 ♡ concert and all the other acts💞 it was so beautiful! (Ps yes i know this edit is trash okay and yes this was supposed to be a joe edit but it turned out REALLY BAD... Like... REALLY BAD😂 but yea this was like the.... Okay option of edits to choose. So yea💗💗 Qotd; what did you think of the 1 ♡ concert?
Edit of @arianagrande // @madisonbeer 🏹 Going to make this a small caption but I might be making my account a multi... it kinda already is cause i have joe and ariana and I occasionally post some others but i might do the full all my favs ya know?💞 please let me know if you would mind? 💭 Also comment a 🐝 and ill tag you in next edit (INSTAGRAM STOP DELETING MY CAPTIONS) - #gainpost #gaintrick #followtrain #arianagrande #gainparty #ariana #selenagomez #gaintrain #justinbieber #likeforlike #like4like #spam4spam #spamforspam #ts13thfollowtrain #uglyfollowtrain #dancemoms #onedirection #rowforrow #tumblr #uglygaintrain #jaygainingtrain #ifb #jaygainplace #gain #followtrick #followparty #like4follow #helpcash #dccfollowtrain #fakegaintrain
ALOHA! Okay so ive had this edit for a while and ive just decided ima post it, its not the best looking edit but its okay👍🏼💞 Please tag @joe_sugg ! I want him to see this😱 {105 DAYS TILL I SEE ARI}
Hurray for unexpected posts!! Currently in school but just thought i would post🌚💜 Also ilyasm:) @arianagrande queen 115 days!! 🏹 - How many days till u seen queen perform or have you already been!!
Sorry for not posting frequently, but its been a week or so since my last post:) i dont wanna post too much because i dont want my theme to end so fast💗 - Qotd: favourite song atm and who its by😊 Aotd: legit either quit by ari and cASHMERERERE CAT or despacito by justin and other person👀 or im the one (i think) by justin, jd khaled and others LMAO - This is like my favourite photoshop of joes ive done because it looks semi real, the ither ones are kind of obvious so im gonna try do more. Some of you will have seen this edit alot before, thats because ive posted it multiple times on different accs but yea, i hope yall are enjoying my theme so far😬 (Ps forgot what the models instagram was so i cant tag them rip, i have the original pic but idk their user) - #gainpost #gaintrick #followtrain #arianagrande #gainparty #ariana #joesugg
Ayeee, so as you can see ive changed themes😬😊 but! I have a reasonable explanation, i will come back to the theme ive deleted but i am now back at school so i wont have much time to post frequently. So faceswaps are easier and less time consuming (yes i enjoy editing but not when im having to juggle homework aswell)💗 Hope y'all understand 💭🏹 - Tag a youtuber you are really into atm:) - Also just a thanks for 30k again, i know ive said it heaps but its still shocks me that 30,000 people have pressed that follow button😱ANYWAY😂💗💗 Ilyasm! X - #arianagrande #gainpost #gaintrick
They are so cu..... 😱😍 Tysm @fawkesaf for making this it's actually a blessing😭😂 - TYSM FOR 30k!!!! I WAS ACTUALLY SCREECHING WHEN I REACHED IT!! It was so insane to think that 30,000 people pressed that follow button like wtaf! But anyway ilyasm! - Please tag @arianagrande & @joe_sugg ,, i know they wont notice but ya know im just hoping they will notice someday:')
Theme dividers rip!! (Follow my accs tagged)
LAST POST FOR THEME:(((( This is my v last post for this theme rip:(💗😩 But this is a very special post becausee....... - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSSS AKA @sixavn ILYSSSSSSSSSMMMM i can't believe that we've known each other for like a year and a half! But yea legit dude ilysm and I'm so grateful to have shared amazing moments and be able to talk to someone so caring💗💗 so again happy 5th birthday!1!1!1!1 thanks for all the nicknames...... And just genuinely sharing your weirdness with me, it surely has rubbed off on me lmao im shook ALSO!! (Not gonna make this long because u know ill share some weird ass moments!) Just wanted to thank cait!!! For sending the pics to me (jess ur a knob you needa send more selfies u ass) ANYWAYS!!! - Please comment happy birthday jess:) if you are feelin nice - [☁️ turn on post notifications so you know every time i post]
I can't believe theres only 1 more post left of this theme😱😱 - Anyways I just had a sudden realisation the other night of how lucky I am to have such amazing support of this account with all the lovely comments and dms I get,, I'm just really grateful and I feel like when you get that sort of stuff you should be more thankful for it. So thank you to everyone who's even looked at one of my edits or something and thought "hey, wow that's actually semi decent" because it still means a lot💗 also... HOW AM I ALMOST AT 30k???!!?!? That's actually ridiculous! - Qotd,, which would you rather have for dinner? Pizza or pasta! Aotd,, Pasta because 😍 I also love pizza BUT i feel like pastas just the way to go, pizza can be eaten at anytime i feel (yes even breakfast;)) {tagged random} - [☁️ turn on post notifications so you know every time i post]
So grateful for 29.3k it's literally crazy,, anyways this post is of @zoella because this theme is kinda multi because i feel like theres so many people i adore and wanna post about even tho my acc is mainly @joe_sugg &,, @arianagrande - qotd: tag one person you wish gou could meet (or more than one) aotd: @luhvsmulti @toulousegoose @jusgtinbieber // more but you know who u are x - Tagged as many as i could on my recent!! I love you all so much! Thanks for making everyday of my life more exciting!♡ - Ps, tag me in posts you want me to like cause i always like things I'm tagged in x - #arianagrande #gainpost #followtrain #jariana #catvalentine #taylorswift #gain #jariana #jelena #jailey #like4like #gainparty #follow4follow #instagram #instagrammer #justinbieber #selenagomez #gaintrick #gainallday
How am i halfway through my theme already?? - qotd: my everything album or dangerous woman album? aotd: both are lit but dangerous woman, because i love every single song on it💭 - Also comment "awi💭" to be tagged in next post! I love you all so much! Thanks for making everyday of my life more exciting!♡ {tagged random x} - #arianagrande #gainpost #followtrain #jariana #catvalentine #taylorswift #gain #jariana #jelena #jailey #like4like #gainparty #follow4follow #instagram #instagrammer #justinbieber #selenagomez #gaintrick #gainallday
YAY FOR UNEXPECTED POSTS Also i added Jack because CUTE SMOL BEAN - I was gonna try go slow with this theme seeming as there are only 6 i have to make but i dont want yall to get bored and inactive so yea:) - qotd: something you like or dislike about my acc:) aotd: my accs trash LMAO - Just also wanted to say thanks for everything, the support, lovely comments and dms they mean so much!♡ - #arianagrande #gainpost #followtrain #jariana #catvalentine #taylorswift #gain #jariana #jelena #jailey #like4like #gainparty #follow4follow #instagram #instagrammer #justinbieber #selenagomez #gaintrick #gainallday
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