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❝you can't always have things the way you want them ૢ❞ - J.g.s

GLO. UP💌😩 [follow @awianasugg for more posts like this!] - Tag @joe_sugg please? Try get him to notice💞
Im so in love with these remixes😍😩 Creds to : @adrianmashups (Comment any random emoji) {follow @awianasugg for more videos like this👑💗} - [☁️ turn on post notifications so you know every time i post]
LMAO! I dont know why this idea came into mind whilst watching old videos of @joe_sugg but I just thought of this then straight away made it😂 (Tag him please!?) {follow @awianasugg for more videos like this👑💗}
follow @awianasugg for more videos like this. BAHAHHAH @luhvsmulti 😂😂 Nah but happy 2017 yall!🎉 2016 was such an amazing year, in some cases it wasn't but overall i think it was pre lit! - Credit to @AdrianMashups I saw this on youtube and LOVED IT! Check it out on their youtube "Adrian Mashups" - Thanks to everyone who made 2016 such a special year!🎆🎇 [☁️ turn on post notifications so you know every time i post]
Ello theme divider how are ya:) Ignore this but still like it so yall keep active:) dm if you wanna help me with the text post part of my theme divider:))) Ps please follow me and @luhvsmulti new acc @thatcheragb ! x (Tysm for 27.3k im shook) - [💭]turn on post notifications so that you know when i post x #arianagrande #gainpost #followtrain #jariana #catvalentine #taylorswift #gain #jariana #jelena #jailey #like4like #gainparty #follow4follow #instagram #instagrammer #justinbieber #selenagomez #gaintrick #gainallday
— ♡ l 🎄🎅🏻🌙 l ————— ITS CHRISTMAS!!🎄 AND TO ALL WHO DONT CELEBRATE HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Im so happy and i cant even EXPLAIN IT HAHA XX l — l qotd; tag some people hwo have made your 2016 special x aotd; @all my followers (rant about how much i luva u guys below) — So today marks my second Christmas (duh) on instagram and i am so happy to get to share one of my favourite days with you all again! Im so proud of both myself and everyone around on instagram! We have all grown so much and i cant even believe it💞💞 im forever grateful to all the friends ive made wether we still talk or not but im so glad i have had the chance to meet such amazing people from all over the world x - To everyone merry christmas:) and i hope everyones lived life fully in 2016 idk if that made sense lmao but yeee ilyasm x - #arianagrande #gainpost #followtrain #jariana #catvalentine #taylorswift #gain #jariana #jelena #jailey #like4like #gainparty #follow4follow #instagram #instagrammer #justinbieber #selenagomez #gaintrick #gainallday
— ♡ l 🎄🎅🏻🌙 l ————— 2 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!🎄 Lit edit ikr l — l qotd; thoughts on my theme? 🌚 aotd; HAHAHAHAH lit😏 — Just before the day comes i wanted to say merry early christmad😬🎄🎅🏼 im so excited to be celebrating Christmas because also this will be my second Christmas being on instagram so yay😬💗 - #arianagrande #gainpost #followtrain #jariana #catvalentine #taylorswift #gain #jariana #jelena #jailey #like4like #gainparty #follow4follow #instagram #instagrammer #justinbieber #selenagomez #gaintrick #gainallday
— ♡ l 🎄🎅🏻🌙 l ————— 5 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!🎄 I legit cant even wait for Christmas Also please follow @thatcheragb !! My other acc was hacked:( l — l qotd; tag someone you love:) aotd; @awianasugg xx HAHAH IM LIDDING @joe_sugg @arianagrande @ all of my friends (lowkey only 3 but like no everyone i call a friend) — Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments/ dms over the past year of me having this acc! When i started this acc around june last year i never even thought i would get to 27k or get to have friends on here! So thank you all for being amazing friends and for being an awesome fandom/family xx 💞 - #arianagrande #gainpost #followtrain #jariana #catvalentine #taylorswift #gain #jariana #jelena #jailey #like4like #gainparty #follow4follow #instagram #instagrammer #justinbieber #selenagomez #gaintrick #gainallday
— ♡ l 🎄🎅🏻🌙 l ————— 6 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!🎄 HOLY SHIZ HOWS CHRISTMAS COMING SO FAST!! Also please follow @thatcheragb !! My other acc was hacked:( l — l qotd; type "joe" then press the suggestion bar and see what sentence you get🌚 aotd; "joe has been a big movement in a new way to win a big movement for a new theme dividers" 😂😂 — Tyasm for 27.1k! I cant believe how far this acc has gotten😵💓 mind blowing honestly - #arianagrande #gainpost #followtrain #jariana #catvalentine #taylorswift #gain #jariana #jelena #jailey #like4like #gainparty #follow4follow #instagram
— ♡ l 🎄🎅🏻🌙 l ————— 9 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!🎄 I cant believe how fast this year has gone like holy shit, it cRaZy! l — l qotd; how old are you aotd; 15! Half way to 30 and not lovin it — Just a reminder incase yall didnt know!! I recently started a pinterest (link in bio) so check it out!! And also follow my backup @buteraflys tyasm! - #arianagrande #gainpost #followtrain #jariana #catvalentine #taylorswift #gain #jariana #jelena #jailey #like4like #gainparty #follow4follow #instagram #instagrammer #justinbieber #selenagomez #gaintrick #gainallday
— ♡ l 🎄🎅🏻🌙 l ————— 11 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!🎄 Oo look i by accidentally purposely started my Christmas theme omg l — l qotd; whats the first thing on your christmas list?? aotd; @joe_sugg & @zoella new sugg life merch %100 — Shameless self promo!! 🎄🎅🏼 -Pintrest! So i just recently started a pintrest (link in bio) and im making boards with themes so like i have boards with season pics, colour themes and stuff like that and basically im just trying to make it easier for people to find pictures to edit with! So yea go check it out x -New acc Also i have a new instagram acc @buteraflys go follow it cause i am bery active and yea its fun over there😂
15 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS WOOHOO! So excited to festive up my acc oml (Btw for the tags i mean on my new theme) Just ignore this😂
Dividers:) Not gonna do much of a caption in theme dividers:)))
Theme dividers:) 16 days? Till Christmas! 🎄
— ♡ l 🎄🎅🏻🌙 l ————— 20 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!🎄 Btw if you were wondering who the girl is with joe its his sister zoe aka @zoella ! Yes. Ik. Sibling goals. l — l qotp; what's your fc goal for Christmas? aotp; mine was 30k but im a flop x — YAYA GONNA START TO MAKE MY ACC LOOK FESTIVE BE EXCITED!! 🎄🎅🏼 Kinda happy to be done with this theme!!! I love it but i really wanna start my Christmas one! (Tagged all who asked x)
— ♡ l 🎄🎅🏻🌙 l ————— Legit trying to get this theme over and done with l — l qotp; what makes you happy:) aotp; friends, idols, family and memories — 22 days!! 🎄🎅🏼 Make the most of christmas!! Cause you are gonna have to wait a whole 325 days or soemthin till the next!
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