Avital Ash

baby girl can eat.

so happy to celebrate the perfect couple and definitely not at all sad to be here alone #harnyforport
mawwiage ❤️ #harnyforport
all you need is LO #harnyforport
friends with this city (but no one else, as you can see)
happy birthday @gisellerella ! sorry i ate it all. belated apologies to @samirtown for the same crime. yay cake sisters @uhhlexa & @oohlalola ! boo @amir for documenting my delinquency
see you never los angeles! 😮 📸: @berniesu
view from the illegal hike up a radio tower that had me shaking from fear by the time i reached the top. not worth dying for, but close.
#honolulu 📸: @berniesu
obligatory #hawaii
i like this picture of me bc i think i look happy & cool. probably just the hat. pic & hat by @amir
a week in the life of milly (t shirt says 'dead inside')
woke up like this
clip from last night. thanks @chloeevansj ! #eatyoveggies
this was a blast. #eatyoveggies (there was free pizza/weed/PBR/boxed wine which is the opposite of veggies) 📸jacked from @mattwasfunny /thanks so much @mcgriffin1080 ) 😮🍅🌽🍆🌶
my mom gave me AND her granddog her smile. she can read your face and make you the best food you've ever had and also share some very real wisdom. happy mother's day to the best.
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