Avital Ash

baby girl can eat.

here i am, in my car, thrilled to be in #lalaland , en route to my BIG BREAK, just like in the movie!
with my favorite mexican jew, in front of a christmas tree on #NYE (aka last night of chanukah). #lace
Christmas = red & green. Chanukah = blue. Is it because the Jews are a sad people? Probably not. But here's a bluish photo of me looking blue. #happychanukah #merrychristmas #somethingaboutkwanzaa
last week, making a #horror thing. cropped so you can't tell i peed my pants. #fbf #fearbackfriday
just seconds before i devoured all those tiny sandwiches. #bigbear #fancy
with my brothers having the BEST time at descanso gardens last week! #moshethehappy
dreaming of an ethnically diverse christmas
when you think about it, aren't we really all just donuts with holes in our middles?
tell me i'm funny or i'll end it all haha
sylvester took my ID before a meeting & made my day. he kept pieces of writing on him (read me a couple) but doesn't consider himself a writer because he's an "autodidact". is it weird to show up & visit when i don't have meetings? how apparent is it that the holidays have me feeling aimless? #sylvesterforever
sorry, @melanieiglesias , but this little cannoli is mine now. guess you should just stay in milwaukee.
baby brother flew in & surprised me! middle brother is cool, too. this is nice. #thanksgiving
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