Avital Ash

baby girl can eat.

tfw you leave a wedding early because of diarrhea but this is what you post on your social media #jennaandco
honored to have made it to the last round just to lose to @chrisreddis at #nominees @nerdmelt (& to take up 5x as much space as everyone else). 💕 thank you @leahlamarr ! & @courtneypauroso for 📸
these stupid fucking phones don't work
we're the kids in amerikkka (whoa)
happy #nationalicecreamsandwichday @coolhaus @amir (we only celebrate the important holidays)
found #barb ! she's alive and well.
happy my birthday everyone!
nu bu got to second base
#tan in #tulum . (a flower girl abandoned her crown and you better believe i snatched and wore it like it was mine all along.) #smithfamilyrobinson
already missing tulum. #smithfamilyrobinson (thank you for that dress! @nonoelia @jess_zanotti @clarisse.k_ @valpina_ / @amir for making me laugh per usual)
channeling my high school self for #gothicecream . #glassjaw #americannightmare #shaihulud #thursday #johnnycupcakes 📸: 🤓 @amir
beautiful ceremony, epic weekend. #smithfamilyrobinson
so happy to celebrate the perfect couple and definitely not at all sad to be here alone #harnyforport
mawwiage ❤️ #harnyforport
all you need is LO #harnyforport
friends with this city (but no one else, as you can see)
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