Avital Ash

baby girl can eat.

so excited to be a part of "show business", showing today at the hollywood reel independent film festival. killer cast includes clark duke, chris candy, steven weber, ginger gonzaga, andrew santino, brianne howey, alessandra torresani, jon daly, katie cunningham, ryan nemeth, chandler duke, kristen bell & robert wuhl. wooohooo!
change your hair, change your life? #sparechange
if you're free wednesday, come join us! #ilovelove
got to be on #screenjunkies just now with mega talent/babe/brain @rothcornet 😍
brb bout to fly into this alligator(crocodile?)'s mouth with my jetpack. happy birthday @mike__bernstein ! 📸: @marrsattacks
here i am, in my car, thrilled to be in #lalaland , en route to my BIG BREAK, just like in the movie!
with my favorite mexican jew, in front of a christmas tree on #NYE (aka last night of chanukah). #lace
Christmas = red & green. Chanukah = blue. Is it because the Jews are a sad people? Probably not. But here's a bluish photo of me looking blue. #happychanukah #merrychristmas #somethingaboutkwanzaa
last week, making a #horror thing. cropped so you can't tell i peed my pants. #fbf #fearbackfriday
just seconds before i devoured all those tiny sandwiches. #bigbear #fancy
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