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#iheartfestival day 2! Getting ready to host the pre-show
#iheartfestival getting ready for the #iheartvillage today! Can't wait to meet some of our listeners ❤️
Vegas! Getting ready for the #iheartfestival
DC for a few hours! I told @donnellrawlings "Lose your neck like you're from Brooklyn!" and got to day party it up with @djquicksilva #CBCALC17
Headed to DC for #CBCALC17 for #mogultalk with @demetrialucasdoyley and @repyvettedclarke @voteyvette. I'm excited to share my journey and what I've learned about striving for success in this age of digital media
#askYEE how can be get his sex drive AND confidence back?
Next up the hilarious @garyowencomedy giving his take on his friend Kevin Hart's situation, his Showtime standup #IGotMyAssociates (which is hilarious), and the 2 times he almost got caught up with women in his room 😬 Make sure you check him out at Caroline's this weekend
I love fanny packs but would you wear this one? They have different shades for you too
Up next @macklemore discusses his new album #Gemini and how the feeling is different from previous albums, how his wife knew he had issues with drugs and his relapse, and his recent car accident involving an alleged drunk driver
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