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@kinggoldchains on now talking about being single after dating Kylie, warning Rob Kardashian about Blac Chyna, the Kardashians controlling the media and how you haven't seen any crazy stories about him since the breakup, the reboot of Scream on MTV, and his new mixtape #bitchimtheshit2 July 21
@lala on talking about the new season of Power, not leaving NY, always making sure her son is her first priority, and the TV shows she is producing
Next book club meeting tomorrow at @woodstackivy ! We have Janet Mock's #SurpassingCertainty where you can find out about her journey in her twenties to becoming the woman/advocate she is today!
@issarae is on now getting ready for season 2 of #insecure . Find out what you can expect, being called a cheater in her mentions because of her character, her new writing projects, and how fine Kofi Siriboe is
Can't wait to see #girlstrip Friday! Have you ever changed your mind in the bedroom at the last minute? What would make you not want to seal the deal?
Just finished chatting with @ritaora for @youtube intimate sit down and performance as she preps her debut album in the States. #whatsyoursong
In less than 30 days join me along with @TheNetworkDC & @NxlevelDC for a night of excellence in the Nation's Capitol. The 3rd Annual #BlackAlumniBall will take place on August 12th at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Washington DC. Prepare for a night of opulence and a celebration of success with collegiate graduates from across the east coast. Tickets and information are available at Live Entertainment by Johnny Graham and the grove DJ sets by @djschemes and @izzythedj
Next up @sevyn talking about her new album #girldisrupted , dealing with her depression, sex tips from her mom, writing being therapeutic, and telling her business in her music
One of my favorite experiences was interviewing @tiffanyhaddish @morereginahall #jadapinkettsmith and @queenlatifah about #girlstrip . ❤️ I cried laughing during the movie
Damn! @hairweavekiller got stumped talking about jay-z vs Kanye diss records. And with Beyoncé on the hook 🍋
Boston ❤️ thanks @biggshizz for bringing us out!
Back in Boston!!! Tonight I'm at the Prince Hall Grand Lodge for Breakfast At Night with @djchubbychub 💃🏽
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