Andrew Fitzsimons

🌹Celebrity Hairstylist from Ireland☘️ ⚡️Alterna Haircare Brand Ambassador💜 💪🏽Feminist & LGBTQ+ activist🏳️‍🌈 🤦🏼‍♀️michelle@ba🤷🏼‍♀️

Modern Marilyn❣️ #KhloeKardashian #hairXandrew
Hey Guys! This is literally my favorite @FROMMBeauty brush: the Glosser Paddle! The boar bristles on this brush + this anti-frizz serum are the perfect combo for a sleek style. #spon
When you create the most EXTRA ponytail of all time... #KimKardashian #hairXandrew
Somehow my hand 🌹always manages to get in the shot! #KhloeKardashian looking like a GLAMAZON in @hollywoodreporter #hairXandrew @styledbyhrush
Kourtney is #Goals 🔥 #hairXandrew
Thank you so much to my homies at @TeenVogue for supporting the Trans Cosmetic Donation Program!! Seeing the beauty industry come together to show up and be allies to our trans siblings makes me so proud to be part of it!! ♥️
Thank you for making my 30th birthday so special and memorable @jeffreybchapman You are my favorite human on the planet.. I ♥️ you
Destiny's Cousin #andrewX30 #ImLatavia #Family
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