Birthday in a week and I ain't doing anything πŸ™„
β€œlet me annoy you for once” he said. Then I hit him. Accidently. He's the best πŸ˜‚ @baedrian._
Don't wanna be your dirty pretty
Touch and kiss. Dear you, Ever think about what it's like to have a someone touch you like they're scared that you'll shatter into pieces? Ever think about what it's like to have someone touch and kiss you like they crave you? Ever wish that person would kiss you like you are the air and they couldn't breathe? Cause I do. I wish you can touch and kiss me. Because I crave you even when we don't speak. -Amy
I'm a chiple, I get everything I want from my babyboy @baedrian._
Your #mcm can't power shift like mine #drivermod
I need friends :"(
Here's a picture of a brown bored little girl 🌚
Super hungry πŸ™
New feed as promised πŸ’– P.S I love you
@baedrian._ he takes me to Starbucks just so I can read, he's amazing πŸ’–
New feed soon?
PYT πŸ‘…
Begging you to save me
Love the way you wished me goodluck with Carl's Jr for competition today. But I love you more babyboy πŸ’–
I wanna read all day πŸ™
Plans may be interpreted but slowly and surely today was amazing with a few sensitive topics and a wonderful burger date. You are the reason I'm happy. I love you and happy Valentine's Day.
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