Oh Honey

He put a ring on it 💍💖

He was so cute wearing his Packers jacket 💛💚
You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you.
Baby I could see you got potential 💖
New 🌹
New feed
New feed
I know you miss him, but you dissed him, he was your everything and now I'm with him 🌻
I'm pulling my weight in gold 💖
You have sadness Living in places Sadness shouldn’t live
Baby are you really down?
But how good could you front babyboy?
(old pic) 1-08-17 Dear internet, Today was truly amazing, we did something that we normally don't do. We went to Walmart and brought some groceries, then went home and he cooked for me (for the first time) without burning down my house. Then when he was finished we sat in the living and watched our team play (the packers) ((yeah I'm a packers fan now)). Made fun our the giants together, laughed and smiled, then during halftime we went to the gas station and got our own craving (for me was the sweet ropes and kiwi sparking water) ((for him was the hot chocolate for his sore throat and kiwi strawberry Snapple)) went back home and watched that packers win. (so wish us good luck next weekend) after the game we legit fell asleep. Woke up and watched the movie Would You Rather (it was great). Then we went to my room and played our own would you rather. After, we said our goodbyes and as soon as he gets home, we call each other and listen to one another and sleep. But the amazing thing is we did such a basic things and now it's one of my best memories and I don't know why (maybe cause he cook this one time) and only the Lord knows how much I love this man and how much I thank the Lord everyday for having him in my life. Thank you for today my love. Yours truly, AMYHEADBANGS, or simply Amy Y. Boyar But soon to be Amy Y. Acosta. P. S. Thanks internet 😆💖
We have our ups and downs but we stay together no matter what. You're annoying, I may hate you at times but there's no way I'm ever letting you go. We broke each other to fix each other, if that makes any sense but we've been together for a year and two months, never once braking up. You see past all my flaws and mood swings. You love me despite it all. And I thank and appreciate you for it. “if you were born with the weakness to fall, then you were born with The strength to rise.” I love you so much. Always and forever.
Throwback, posting because I look great oh wait my boyfriend is in it too ha he looks like a goob
I'd rather slap you with the truth than kiss you with a lie.
Add me on snap, I promise I'm funny 😂. xoxo_divergent
You got me looking​ so crazy right now 💖