honey -


If I could I would feel nothing, that's the truth and I don't care.
im in love with eye contact that shit make me nervous but I love it.
I'm a king and you're a queen and we will stumble through heaven
I miss you already.
It's funny how they act now, it's funny cause they ain't on shit
shores bend and break for her And she begs to be loved
I wanna be this happy, where I didn't care if some chick is making ugly faces at me in the hall. Where I had a best friend to rely on. Where I didn't have to worry about anything. .
You got me addicted off of one hit.
Love these beautiful friends 💖
Got my nails and lashes done, my boyfriend and I are in a great place, serving a retreat in less that 2 weeks. Honestly life's amazing.
I'm a day late, no pictures of any cars but hey I'm cute and at least I can come up with a caption 🤔
i feel like i'm waiting on something that isn't going to happen
you were so quick to reject me so I'll take my time being sad.
This what I live for .
I'd rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I'm not
Our first date 💖😂
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