happily in love with myself

And my boyfriend, oops

You enchant me even when you're not around
“let me annoy you for once” he said. Then I hit him. Accidently. He's the best 😂 @baedrian._
Your #mcm can't power shift like mine #drivermod
@baedrian._ he takes me to Starbucks just so I can read, he's amazing 💖
Love the way you wished me goodluck with Carl's Jr for competition today. But I love you more babyboy 💖
Plans may be interpreted but slowly and surely today was amazing with a few sensitive topics and a wonderful burger date. You are the reason I'm happy. I love you and happy Valentine's Day.
Picking petals off the flowers like does he love me, does he love me not?
Pink eyeliner, usually I suck at eyeliner so I'm proud 💁
Dear internet, This man, truly knows how to make me smile, and someone who can make you smile until your cheeks hurt is rare and an amazing feeling. You seen me at my worst and my best and love me unconditionally. STORYTIME: yesterday we went to the movies to watch the Ouji experiment and boiiiii, I was scared, throughout the whole movie I'm whispering to myself “fuck that fuck that fuck that” “Kay bye I'm out, let's go to whataburger”. But in the end the movie was scary but of course I hated the ending. Then after we got some whataburger (I got the whatachicken with a slice of cheese. And he got a buffalo ranch chicken sandwich) and the best thing about having a boyfriend is “trading food” like I'll be eating my whatachicken and he'll be eating his sandwich and then out of nowhere I'll be like “Kay switch or Kay trade”. Then we watched “from dusk till dawn” and boiiiii that show is awesome (it's on Netflix and I definitely recommend it if you like crime and action and mentally “sick” people) it's amazing. -yours truly -amyheadbangs 💖