the sun & her flowers

Ryan πŸ’“

Haven't took any recent selfies so here's one from maybe a month ago?
Happiest I've been in a while
Hoping I end up in a mf ditch somewhere
i got addicted to u so easily
Now I'm like it's a goddamn shame we done crashed, we done burned but baby you the god-damn blame
My girlfriend is better than yours
She might try chokin' on something you don't wanna kiss after
This week in a sentence...β€œI'm here for it”
They don't wanna see you win so let's fuck them til the end
Don't text him..don't text him..don't text him...
I know that you hate it but I’m freer than I’ve ever been
I'd rather deal with oh well than what if
It's sad how I'm all about you but you just ain't the same
Bitch I don't give a fuck about you or anything that you do.
But you just left and i miss being in your arms already.
My bio πŸ’–
We're so happy even when we're smiling out of fear.
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