Alyssa Piccoli

Just an average Canadian girl who loves baking cupcakes. Check the link🤘🏼💕

An incredible night that still doesn't feel like it happened🤘🏼
A model🐩💃🏼
Candle lit dinner dates🥂
My curly girl💕
#tb to a rad family outing ft. The tourist Ryan
Also a HUGE congratulations to this incredible lady. You have accomplished so much, you're such an inspiration to me. Congratulations on tonight, winning the most prestigious award!??!!! I love you so much Lexy and I know you will do the most incredible things.❤️
Happy #nationalbestfriendday to two of the greatest friends I could ask for❤️ I have so many other incredible friends, so many that I could write a novel. Thank you for being some of the most incredible people in my life and I'm so glad we got to spend some of the biggest days of our lives cheering each other across the stage. Love you💕
Smokey fan club🐾
More prom pics to come with this gem💫
Prom with the best💙
No filter needed because natures too gr8!
Pompom butt🐩🐩
Nose brighter than your future💫
My fave nights💆🏻📚
Found this stunning tree today🌸
This wallpaper is over 100 years old and still hanging on the walls but my fake lashes fall off within 10 hours. Interesting.
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