Alyssa Piccoli

Just an average Canadian girl who loves baking cupcakes.

Happy earth day 🌎
If you look closer, you can see my tears of happiness and my love for Smokey.
Wishing I was in the desert🌵🎉
Wife me up👩🏻‍🍳
Happy #nationalpuppyday to the two girls who make me the happiest❤ Love my girls so much
Feeling myself and this outfit👗⛑ Snapchat got the tutorial almost as cringe as my username--> Mrs.Direction14
She's the best around🤘🏼ft. Michaelas mistreated olives.
I wanna go to Barcelona now. Thanks ed.
🛫🛬 #notspons
Grilled cheese, milk shakes and all with great company.
Missing the beautiful mountains and my sister.
Incredible weekend with an incredible sister❤
Nature and a thumb
The topper to my food coma.
Myself as well as my sleepy dogs encourage you to hashtag #bellletstalk today in every tweet, Instagram post and Facebook status.
It looked so good I couldn't wait
Tried on this sweatpant jumpsuit. We've never laughed harder
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