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Yesterday, while in Liverpool city centre, we saw girls shopping with rollers in their hair (commitment to voluminous hair here is strong 💪🏻💁🏻). Being the daughter of a hairdresser, hair rollers would give me hours of entertainment as a kid. Rolling up my hair, my doll's hair, my friend's hair, my dog's hair - usually resulting in a tangled mess 🙈. The hairdressing flair obviously didn't pass down to me. What weird items did you find entertainment in as a child? #allthatisthree
"I'm tired. I need a carry. My legs hurt" - something we hear non-stop from Penny if we ask her to walk anywhere at home. But, when we plop her on top of a mountain in The Alps and then ask her to walk down (something that ends up taking three hours), we didn't hear a single moan. Who can worry about tired legs when this is your view? #WHPadventure
If Amelia owned a pair of blue dungarees and a red hat (and could grow a moustache), you know that she'd have been Mario instead of a ballerina, right? 🍄 So, as you might have noticed, I've started a new hashtag - #objectsforoutfits - and as there's been *so* many brilliant entries I'm going to start featuring some of my favourites on my Stories each week. Keep 'em comin' people and keep making me smile.
Usually, I would tell Amelia off for being so lazy; however, when she’s coded the drone herself - using the Swift Playgrounds app - selecting and editing each move, take off, landing and direction just to send me a note, I’ll let this one go. #Everyonecancode #promotionalpartner
Because I feel like we could all do with some bunny cuteness right now, and because I wanted to show you my new stripy @plumostudio pants. 🐰+👖=😁 And that's all. #plumostudio
The plan was to stay up late with the kids in the hope of seeing the Perseid meteor shower, but after a day of partying, friends, bouncy castles and cake, it didn't quite turn out that way (Penny didn't make it past 7 pm). So, instead, Dom and I lay in bed, opened the blinds, and watched. Thanks to a break in the clouds we managed to see two! *squeal* Who stayed up to watch it? What did you see? #allthatisthree Our hand-painted galaxy jumpers are c/o @wearehairypeople , and they've kindly offered you guys 20% off your next order if you use allthatisthree20. More about them and a link to this jumper in my Stories.
"And though she be but little, she is fierce." - Shakespeare This little dot turns 4 tomorrow - 4! So, I will be spending the night reminiscing about her baby days, my pregnancy, probably birth, and talking about how fast the last four years have gone - you know, all the cliché things that mams do on the eve of their child's birthday. Happy birthday, Penny! Our bundle of fun, love, and attitude. #objectsforoutfits
Meet our new ‘pet’, Jimu. He doesn’t need walking, or feeding, and he doesn’t make any mess but - with some coding done by Penny - he knocks out some serious dance moves. #Everyonecancode #promotionalpartner
I've...wait for it...*dropped* a new blog post on my website. Get it, dropped 😉. Anyway, I've written a blog post about being featured by @instagram : what to expect, how it feels, the pros, the cons, all the weirdness that comes with it, and why it's such a big deal to us Instagrammers. I've also included some ways that I believe will help you to push your own image upon the eyes of the Insta-Gods. Link in bio. Enjoy! And yes, this is an old dentist chair. Unfortunately though, it's in a studio and not at my house *sob*.
So, today has been *very* exciting. My entry to this weeks @instagram 's WHP hashtag project - the mushroom chef hat image - was chosen to be featured *swaggers around the house for the entire day*. Apart from that, we've also welcomed Jack and his beanstalk into our home....ok, so it's just a banana tree but look at the size of it. I'll be climbing up to reach the treasure in no time. And also (one more thing, I promise), the very talented Boy Dom has dared to stray away from allthatisshe to create these pretty wicked canvas animal prints. Mix Bugs and Mr Nice together, put their head on a renaissance painting and voila! He's decided to sell these prints - some of his other work is now on my Stories - so if you like them or would like your beloved pet to become a piece of art then drop him a DM on @animalheadsonhumans
I realised last week that we'd missed the one year mark of our #allthatisthree series (I thought it had started in July when actually it was in June). So, here's our one year anniversary post (a whole 6 weeks late). Happy birthday #allthatisthree ! 🎉🎈 I wonder; can we go for another year? What will the next year of images look like? And how long until my bed is free of glitter stars? 😂
Cooking with kids: when you end up, quite literally, wearing the food. #objectsforoutfits #WHPinthekitchen
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