Alessandra Marinaro

Always smiling for the haters

No make up on my face again,keep loving myself everyday more no matter what people say #makeup #motivation #health
You'll always find me smiling for those who hate me #smile
My bae is better than yours
No make up on my face #natural #heatly
Actually loving myself with no make up on my face,everyone should start loving himself a little bit more every day #natural #health #skincare #makeup
Slay girl
Love milan
#edsheeran hair day
Due rumeni con stile
Ghali squad
Contentissima di aver trovato qualcuno di vero in mezzo a un mare di falsi,love you babe
Domanda dell'anno di che colore ho i capelli?
Sempre più belli di voi
Imma blow your mind
Sugar babe
Ginger out in milan
This trio is better
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