Alessandra Marinaro

Living life

Ah regà ho le fossette
Dicono che parlarsi fa bene, però le parole fanno male.
You broke my heart so i ripped my jeans
I don't need make up to look good baby
Make love don't fight Let's f**k tonight
"Quando un uomo è stanco di Londra, è stanco della vita, perché a Londra si trova tutto ciò che la vita può offrire'
Tbt when my skin was darker and my eyes clearer #summer
Your eyes are all over me
Busy for u
2 broke girls in town
A noi non ci freghi 😈
Cute girls having fun #virgo
My camera roll opened and i was like this but i like the effects
I wanna dance till the sunrise just to keep you out of my mind
You are the fire i'm gasoline,baby i loved you dangerously #austinmahone
I've been up all night,no sleep
This is kinda blurry but in those days i found out she's my half one
She know what she doin''
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