Classy and Sassy;; Proud Polak🇵🇱 Chi➡️Atx💕 Happily Married to my best friend💍 Na zdrowie🍻

It's been a while.... But coming back with a bang. I love love LOVE this #maxi from @dressbarn It's a few years old but I don't think it will ever go out. The colors, the fit, the feel, just everything about this #dress makes me 😍 #businessfashion #ootd #maxidress #style
Absolute proof that nothing changes. #gross #youngin #myhairisamess #7yearsago
I simply could not say #Ido without my best gals. From getting butt naked spray tans, to mimosas, to brunch, to wedding planning, to long talks, to everything. I have to put a small #shoutout to my two best friends. Moving to Texas was scary without having anybody and I'm so blessed to have found two people (who are soooo different) but are so alike and complete me in every way. So a huge thank you to @flick_oftha_riss and @katherinewilliams9116 for being the two best friends I never knew I needed and for showing me that the older you get, the better friends you make. To many more years of mimosas and bad decisions. 🍾👰🏼👯💋🎀💕
Back to work with all the #lace I can get! Hubby let me take some much needed me time and go shopping this weekend to stock up on some goods at #loft and #anntaylor Weddings can really wear you out and now that I'm back to real life I've gotta go back in style! #ootd #businessfashion #loveloft
One week in and were killing the whole #marriage thing. 💪🏻💍👫 #wifey #clemencecelebration
And that's a wrap! Months and months of #weddingplanning and we did it! We are officially #married !!! So thankful for everyone who contributed and supported our wedding! #clemencecelebration
Your favorite bunny #fashionista survives anything. Especially now 2 days before her #wedding Got a #spraytan and I'm LUHing it. #90smusic bingo and you can bet your behind I kicked it! I have to make a huge shout out to #heroesnightout because the dj at snuffys doing the bingo is part of Heroes Night Out. Check it out. A fantastic organization helping our #vets in need.
Make your own mimosa. First a facial, brunch, and then a photo shoot. So how's your Saturday? #atxbrunch #mimosasfordays
It's been a while since my last #ootd I am absolutely in love with this top from #newyorkandcompany it is perfect for either tucking it into a skirt or just leaving it out and the fabric is sooo soft and comfy. And the sleeves are so fun! (seriously I want to buy all their tops with this kind of sleeve) my skirt is obviously #anntaylor because everything I have is either Ann Taylor, loft, or New York and company. 🙃 #businessfashion #classy
On a more serious note; Bae is the 💥 at getting candid shots of the cutest couple in the world. 📷: @flick_oftha_riss 💋
So here is my #easter cake. It's full of healthy stuff like #sugar and #carbs (and #peeps ) it's not #homemade and its not #glutenfree but it was delicious! I give major props to #pilsbury since it was so easy I just mixed the ingredients written on the box, then popped it into the oven. So who's going to pay me for my Instagram cooking blogs? 😂 #joking #Everybodypostsaboutcooking #instagrambandwagon
Happy Easter!!! @flick_oftha_riss #bunnies
Cooper the sassy pirate kitty. #arrmatey
#doublepost since I cut him out. 😂😂 This little guy is also all grown up to be a best man! Welcome to having a sister!! #ThisTimeHeHasTeeth
In exactly ONE MONTH these little cuties will be all grown up getting MARRIED!!! The excitement is SO REAL!!! #clemencecelebration
Mom got a hot tub. It's not hot yet. But SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED HERE IN TEXAS. #texassummer @miss_risssss
His goofy faces never fail to make me laugh.....and drive me crazy. 🙈😂 #BecauseItsHisNormalFace
Kitty toes and grumpy faces. 🐱 #catsofinstagram #kittylove
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