:) smile. it looks good on you

goal: 700 by 2017 Jan, 30th //give credit on icons

honestly I'm so not surprised because I suck at everything I'm deactivating no one in this fandom cares about me bye
jnfleganNakruwbNznfheowjznNDJEY @adelainemorin liked for the 5th time AHHH IM SO GREATFUL FOR YOU AN I ADORE YOU SO SO MUCH
i adore everyone of these girls with my whole heart, they've inspired me to be a better me. thank you!
tag addy @adelainemorin I WANT HER TO NOTICE SO SO SO SO MUCH
EDIT! go follow @ourlifetal and add us on Snapchat @OurLifeTAL BUT OVER ALL GO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL, Our Life Through a Lens
hint: ❤️💛💚💙💜
get ready... #OurLifeThroughaLens
this is my new co owner! her name is reese and she's my irl best friend and she just started watching addy but really loves her so yea wait for her first post!
i posted an edit strange
#adelangelslovethemselves @adelainemorin love this picture of me bahaha {ADDY LIKED} spacer
@adelainemorin NOTICE ME MOM {SHE LIKED} spaced
first Mia icon whoop, also tomorrow is my bday, I'm super depressed that I'm not gonna meet @miastammer or @adelainemorin but oh well {ADDY LIKED} COUNTDOWN - - - my bday: 1 day CHRISTMAS: 11 days spacer
omg... this amazing collab (with the greasiest human on the internet) is basically us. Emma ur so incredible and I look forward to talking to u everyday don't change ily, also happy almost 1 month!
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