Adelaide Van Pelt

22. Screenwriter. Midwestern girl stirring up trouble at UVM.

MY LITTLE IS 21 ✨ look out Burlington.
Snack time with @tayglo12 🍌🍓🍋
Abstract Sephora art 💄 aka me attempting to find a new liquid lipstick shade
Pop punk princesses 💕 ps. I promise I'm not checking out Sav's boobs
From one winter wonderland to another to another. Sundance yesterday, Minnesota today, Burlington, VT tomorrow ✨
The girl in the pink coat.
Day One. #sundance2017
Well I'm never doing that again #speedracer
Went looking for my seven dwarves in this snow storm, but I couldn't seem to find them 🤷🏻‍♀️
Bye, Princess. Because of you I'll never take any shit and I'll always strive to be a better writer. I hope to be half as bold and burn half as bright as you did. May the force be with you. #carriefisher
The only thing left under the tree now is a garbage bag full of wrapping paper that I forgot to move before taking a selfie. Merry Christmas 🎄🍾
The Snoopy to my Lucy Van Pelt 💕
Gay is the best. So happy I'm home with the world's dweebiest mom 💕
"I love my sister more than anything in this life; I will choose her happiness over mine every time" Not sure who's Angelica and who's Eliza but Hamilton was the bomb.
My cat hates waking up as much as I do
Happy birthday to my craziest princess friend. Thanks for making me laugh til I cry 💕
@ashley_cagir watches LOST.
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