Adelaide Van Pelt

22. Screenwriter. Midwestern girl. UVM alum. About to cross "Work in Disneyworld" off my bucket list.

Well behaved women rarely make history. ✊🏼 @mysisterorg makes tees and tanks for a great cause and they're MN based so check them out πŸ’•
trying to figure out how to take a pic when you all have the same good side πŸ˜‚ HAPPY BIRTHDAY @janeskamser πŸ’•
My mom is my hero. She's a champ.
We get along because we both have resting bitch face.
iPhones make good mirrors sometimes. In other news I really miss Montreal.
Fun reminder to all my girls out there: GO SEE WONDER WOMAN THIS WEEKEND AND SUPPORT WOMEN IN FILM! Also shop small and local at businesses run by awesome women because babes should always support babes #enchantemn ✊🏼
Jane and I legitimately discussing how we should pose for a candid. So happy my bestie is back πŸ’•
The cat is all drugged and ready for the plane. She's been laying like this for ten minutes 🐾
I already miss all of these people and it's only been a day.
From Stonebridge Elementary to College graduates (almost) πŸ’•
Cinderella is graduating ✨
I think my cat gets sympathy hangovers. It's going to be a rough week for her.
I could never string words together in a way that would do justice to my mom. She's funny, weird, and way too talkative. She's the best cook in the whole world and is really great at finding things when I lose them πŸ˜‚Whether we're popping bottles with my friends in Disneyworld or binge watching our latest favorite tv show, it's always a good time. Happy Mother's Day!!
FINALS. Just kidding... MGK πŸ˜›
Me lovingly wondering why this idiot can't keep her tongue in her mouth πŸ˜›
A woman's place is in the resistance, today and everyday. #maythe4thbewithyou
Maddie has taken up dramatic modeling.
Senior brunch reminded me I only have four more weeks in this place with all these wonderful people, which is sad but Emily always makes me happy. Thanks for the adventures and the laughs, my little nugget πŸ’•
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