Adelaide Van Pelt

22. Screenwriter. Midwestern girl. UVM alum. About to cross "Work in Disneyworld" off my bucket list.

Left my heart in MN with this precious peanut and all my amazing friends 💕 But I'm IN DISNEY AND I LIVE HERE NOW 😱
So the last week working at @enchantemn was amazing... now off to Disneyworld with some gorgeous new clothes 😍🌴☀️
How my family acts at fancy dinners vs how we actually are 😂😂
Happy (late) #internationalcatday to little smushie 💕
Alice followed the rabbit and found wonderland; we followed the rabbit and found something better 🐰@thevelveteenspeakeasy
Here's another post about how much I love my job (and all the clothes I get at my job). Go follow @enchantemn for outfit inspo ☀️ also shout out to my future boss being on my shirt!! See you in a couple weeks, Mickey 🐭
Even though I prefer being behind the camera, modeling is easy when the clothes are this cute ☀️#shopenchante
Little cat. Big cat.
Happy Independence Day! (My shirt says "You don't own me" in case you were wondering. It's like a tangible subtweet at our current president since he's into that kind of thing 🙄)
Curious cat.
This drive-in is giving me major Riverdale vibes, but where's Jughead?
The best nights are spent driving the Porsche 🤗
Well behaved women rarely make history. ✊🏼 @mysisterorg makes tees and tanks for a great cause and they're MN based so check them out 💕
trying to figure out how to take a pic when you all have the same good side 😂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @janeskamser 💕
My mom is my hero. She's a champ.
We get along because we both have resting bitch face.
iPhones make good mirrors sometimes. In other news I really miss Montreal.
Fun reminder to all my girls out there: GO SEE WONDER WOMAN THIS WEEKEND AND SUPPORT WOMEN IN FILM! Also shop small and local at businesses run by awesome women because babes should always support babes #enchantemn ✊🏼
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