Santa Barbara Holistic Fitness Coach🔹 Co-Founder of SBFITT 🔹 $30 off @freskincare : RAY30

Follow your dreams, the things that speak to you! Always follow and trust your passion ❤️#SBFITT •Sneak Peak into the next step with @imethansteiner
Wake up and allow yourself to see the vision for what you want to accomplish! Rise up and meet your day & BELIEVE you can✨ #SBFITT #believe
Celebrating my strong and healthy this morning. Battle Rope OFF with my HUBBY @_kc_john 😅
Surround yourself with people who inspire you! Loving these badass women! #SBFITT #strongwomen #entrepreneurlife
Mellow Vibes in Santa Monica today ✨
I don't follow any diet. I listen and feel my body when it comes to food choices. Fresh Kale Salad from my favorite place to eat in Santa Barbara @greentablesb #loveyourbody #eatlocal #eatoorganic
Post Workout Feels @greentablesb ! Matcha>Coffee has helped me not only feel 💯times better, but I don't experience that wired & tired feeling I usually get with coffee 😫 it was a MINOR shift that made a MAJOR difference (most importantly with the way I sleep!) let's take a look at our habits and see where we can improve for our overall wellbeing! #SBFITT
There is no better feeling then seeing the people you love healthy and vibrant ✨Love our long evening walks, talks and sunsets. Life is good 💕#SBFITT
Every day is a new opportunity to make empowering choices for yourself 🌸#SBFITT
No two people are alike. Make time to actively learn so you can evolve and make decisions in your life that make you feel good about yourself ❤️Every single day has to be a practice of positive self talk, clean eating, exercise and mindfulness! Become more aware of how things make you feel and adapt your life by implementing more positivity! What are some things that bring you joy? #SBFITT #puppiesandfitness
This woman was absolutely the one who planted the seeds in my head & started the catalyst for diving deeper into personal development, spiritual & emotional growth. She gave me so much guidance & inspiration when I felt like I had none, she's been one of the greatest influencer in my life! @louise_hay_affirmations "life supports me in every possible way" #SBFITT
Taking my Health Coaching to a whole new level! Join me every Friday, where I will be posting REAL TALK videos on training, lifestyle and everything health & wellness! I'm so beyond excited, can't wait for you all to join me!! #SBFITT
Repost @laurensalaun it's such an honor to get to know so many beautiful, strong, female entrepreneurs who give back SO much to the people around them! I have the pleasure of knowing this badass @laurensalaun her messages inspire me on the daily💪🏽 Who inspires you?? #SBFITT #TrainingTogether #BossBabe
We seek quick fixes and ways to mask the symptom we may have so we can keep on going, not losing an ounce of productivity. Good health is not just the absence of disease, but involves healthy lifestyle, healthy mental attitude, and healthy relationships (ourself #1 ) #SBFITT
Taking the time I needed for ME today and tuning into what my body was telling me! It's really easy to get sidetracked and this past week, I have found I've not been tuning into my needs, but rather what I THINK I should be doing. I am all about dedication and sticking to a plan--but it's also important to recover, reflect and rejuvenate through a little TLC and self care ✨ #SBFITT
Eat the 🌈 & Love your body 💛 #SBFITT
Morning sweat Sesh💦 followed by treating my skin with the 100% vegan @freskincare 'Hydrate Me' Facial Cleanser 💆🏽I am so happy to announce my Ambassadorship with this amazing company! I love their high quality products, ethics and how much they give back! Use my discount code: Ray15 for 15% off your Fré skincare kit! #loveyoursweat #selflove #veganskincare #trainingtogether
Planning our next getaway--Where is your favorite place to travel?
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