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Believe in yourself and your capacity! This doesn't mean that challenges won't arise, it just means trust that things happen for reason, make the best out of every situation, and believe in yourself! Happy Monday! #SBFITT
OUR TRIBE IS GROWING! @sbfitt is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Keep your focus & crush your goals! #SBFITT #goals #focused
Channeling my Inner Badass today! Provide yourself with a positive platform this morning, for it is the foundation of your day! #youdecide #positivemindset #SBFITT
I choose happiness. I choose love. #SBFITT #enrichyourlife #happy
🚨BOOTYCAMP TONIGHT 6:30pm🚨 Tonight we will be incorporating one of my fav. Stability/strength exercises. Focusing balance forces you to contract muscles in core, hips, legs & feet 💪🏽 See you ladies tonight!! 🍑DM ME FOR MORE INFO🍑 #SBFITT
✨Trust yourself ✨#SBFITT
Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done #SBFITT #liveyourtruth #loveyourlife 📸@nikkiannespahn @ontheglo_sb 💟
How do you train your mind? Are you elevated and inspired or are you trying to manage an inconsistent state of being? Mental clarity and wellbeing isn't this state we magically wake up with. To have clarity, peace and consistency in our lives starts FIRST with our wilingness to embrace the shifts. Secondly it's about understanding what must shift and lastly it's about implementing a NEW HEADSET. A new headset takes time to develop. It's about reinforcing strong, positive clear thoughts (positive affirmations i.e.: I am strong, I am abundant) Embrace your power and PRACTICE positive self talk. Recognize negative people/environments and do some SPRING cleaning in your life! What energetically can you let go of? Create the space for mental & emotional growth. This is vital in the growth of every other area of your life. Without the implementation of this there can BE no other growth. #liveyourtruth #SBFITT #findyourstrength
Rise & Grind! Monday's are fresh! Do you have fitness goals? What are some things you want to accomplish before summer? Lose weight? Find some accountability with your workouts? Look more fit? Send me a DM If you are serious about making a positive change! #SBFITT #trainhard #reachyourgoals
The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be ✨#SBFITT #mindbodysoul
My life is dedicated towards empowerment of myself and of others. I believe we all have a fire within us, it's learning to harness our power and not fearing it! Believe in your capacity and use it to better the world around you. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind and heart towards. Enjoy the beauty of life & enjoy your day ✨ #SBFITT #empowerment #positivevibes
When we wake up in the morning we have choices of what we want to do and how we want to live our life. Through the thoughts we think, the food we eat the people we surround ourselves with..Fitness & movement is the ultimate key to success. It is the key to getting in touch with yourself on a deeper level. It is the catalyst for connection of the mind, body and spirit! I love training because I get to watch my clients & #SBFITT community discover their inner strength, fire & determination🙏🏼✨💪🏽 #trainer #lovewhatyoudo #SBFITT #santabarbara 📸 @rollie2three 📸
Getting ready to go full throttle into the week! Had a blast this weekend At #sbearthday shout out to all the #SBFITT peeps for killing Saturday's workout & the amazing photographer @rollie2three for the epic captures! 📸 #santanarbara #fitness #lovewhatyoudo
Santa Barbara Earth Day 🌷🌍 Celebrate movement & wellbeing with a FREE SBFITT workout THIS Saturday 11am at Alameda Park! @SBFITT will be kicking off the Earth day festivities with @lolesantabarbara and @greentablesb with an amazing FREE event filled with healthy snacks, awesome swag and a killer workout! See you all there!! #SBFITT #community #fitness #health #seesb
In LOVE with my new @lolewomen pants! I Need leggings that can keep up with my active lifestyle, their products are AMAZING! #SBFITT #fitlife #fitfam #lolewomen
Dedicate your energy to things mindfully! Good Vibes ONLY this Monday morning ✨ #SBFITT #peaceful #happy #positivevibes
Familia 💋Easter 🌷
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