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Fall is the time of year when we don jackets and sweaters and look forward to cool breezes, the changing of the leaves, and nights by the fire. Cotton’s comfort and versatility make it the perfect fabric to build a great transition wardrobe. #OnTheBlog now!
We’re head over heels for burgers. Not so much for stains. Happy #NationalCheeseburgerDay from Cotton. #UnstainYourStyle
Ruffled shirts and flared skirts. Cotton is there to keep both your style and your temperature feeling cool. #regram @rantiinreview
Transitioning seasons with bits of ruffles and denim. | #regram @couldihavethat
100% Alabama-grown and American-made cotton. Shop the @redlandcotton bath collection at the link in our bio.
Cotton's 60 Second Fashion Show is here! Take a look at our link in bio to watch and shop the hottest cotton trends for fall. #ShopCotton Photography: @adamlerner
No toppings today! Especially not on that shirt. Happy #NationalCheesePizzaDay from Cotton. #UnstainYourStyle
"Time for a little moment of truth: It might be hard to tell on social media, but I’m a super introverted and quiet guy. In the early years of my blog, socializing at parties and networking with new people was not something that was easy for me. I’d have to psych myself up before heading out the door. A few years later and a few years wiser, I know the fear I was holding onto was shared by a lot of people, and as polished as everyone’s feed may appear, we’re not all confident and bubbly all the time. And that’s ok! I learned to push through that fear and discomfort in order to get where I am today. Strength and confidence come from inside of you. It’s your choice. And I have met so many incredible people because I put myself out there! I’m sharing this story with you as part of the #ComfortIsForCotton campaign. Cuz it’s time for all of us to get out of our comfort zones and do something bold! @discovercotton " | #regram @themodernotter
Bacon makes everything better—everything but your shirt. Happy #InternationalBaconDay from Cotton. #UnstainYourStyle
You've never seen a fashion show like this before. Check out our Story for a behind-the-scenes look at something exciting that we have in store. #ShopCotton Photography: @luiszepedaphotography
Shopping for back-to-school can be difficult, but there’s one aspect we can help take the guesswork out of: When it comes to clothes and other new supplies, choose cotton. New article #OnTheBlog !
Double tap if you can’t get enough of this floral lace detail. | #regram @she_went_west
Cherry on top of your sundae, not on your blouse. Happy #NationalBananaSplitDay from Cotton. #UnstainYourStyle at the link in our bio.
Waffles are perfect for syrup. Your clothes are not. Enjoy #NationalWaffleDay in cotton and #UnstainYourStyle at with the link in our bio.
"12 years ago I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles, California. I had never even stepped foot in the state before and left behind all of my family and friends, except for one, but I knew the risk and hardships were worth it in order to follow my dreams of interning at E!. Despite the haters telling me I would be too homesick within a few weeks, I didn’t listen. I knew I had to be courageous. After I finished that internship at E!, I landed a job there and worked there for the next 7 years before going off on my own to blog full-time and become a TV Style Expert. I stepped out of my comfort zone and you should too! Follow your dreams, pursue your goals and leave the comfort to cotton. It’s soft, durable and versatile enough to wear wherever the day takes you. @Discovercotton #ComfortIsForCotton " | #regram @thestyleeditrix
This cotton romper is speaking to our summer style | #regram @venzedits
This cotton dress is giving us that #FridayFeeling | #regram @alexamjdotcom
Light fabric, intense style. #regram @vivaluxuryblog
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